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Comment: Unqualified (Score 2) 573

by infogulch (#46169557) Attached to: HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"

I don't suppose it would help to tell the reviewer that if they don't even know what JQuery is they shouldn't be reviewing anything that has to do with any web technology. It's just a convenience and compatibility wrapper library. It sounds like the reviewer has never touched any programming outside of excel, and is completely unqualified to perform any type of technical review.

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by infogulch (#46159369) Attached to: With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

Nonsense. If you're browsing the web and following a bunch of links, you would have to long press the link to copy it, long press to paste it in the url bar, edit the url to add the S (this is mobile, so moving the cursor directly between the "p" and the ":" is non-trivial), and hit enter... for every link you follow.

You can't just click the link and edit the url after the page loaded because you've already given away the url path, url query, cookies, referrer, etc to anyone snooping your connection. And what if a site doesn't support https and instead redirects you to its' http variant? For some people they'd rather it fail to load than load insecurely. There are many reasons to use such an extension.

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by infogulch (#45294815) Attached to: GPUs Keep Getting Faster, But Your Eyes Can't Tell

Exactly, the games themselves have been pared down to fewer objects because our older cards couldn't handle it. Now there are new cards and people expect games that can use that horsepower to be available instantly? Sounds unreasonable to me.

When your graphics card can handle 3x 4K monitors at 120Hz and 3D while playing a game with fully destructible and interactable environments (not this weak-ass pre-scripted 'destruction' they're hyping in BF4 & Ghosts) the size of new york city without breaking a sweat, the bank, or the power bill, THEN you can talk about the overabundance of gpu horsepower.

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by infogulch (#44963757) Attached to: VLC Reaches 2.1

Videos are meant to play forward, and codecs take advantage of this for compression. A common way to capitalize on this property of video is to use two different types of frames, usually named A and B frames.

A frames contain the complete data for that frame.
B frames refer to the previous frame and only have data on the changes that need to be made to the previous frame to make the current frame. (e.g. "move this section 2px to the right", "this little section has these completely new pixels...") **Note: B frames can be stacked.**

Why use B frames at all? They greatly improve compression. Think about shots in scenes where very little changes over the course of the shot, like a standoff in a western duel; there could be 10 full seconds where the only thing that changes in the shot is some tumbleweed blowing across the road. With B frames, it only has to store the tumbleweed on each frame along with some other very small changes, and there could be several hundred B frames in a row.

Playing forward is easy, just keep a copy of the current frame; if an A frame comes along, completely overwrite the current frame and display it; if it's a B frame, make the listed changes to the current frame and display it.

But if you're playing in reverse, what happens when you get a B frame? The player doesn't know what the "current" frame is since the current frame is built in forward order, so to do it correctly the player would have to walk back until it finds an A frame, then play all the B frame changes to it until it gets to the frame we want.

There are other complications to playing in reverse as well. For example, frames can have very different lengths. The length of each frame is recorded at the beginning of the frame, so to find the next frame you add the length of the current frame to the current position in the file. What about the previous frame? Where does it start? Since a frame could be any size and any type (A or B) you have to jump back the maximum frame length and search forward until you get some data that looks like the beginning of a frame.

It's not impossible, but playing highly compressed video in reverse (or stepping back frame by frame) can be very complex.

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