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Comment Re:last chance to buy quality Sharp products (Score -1, Flamebait) 41

None. Sadly, idiots like that run around screaming about Obama and how O is going to take their guns/rights.
These are the same kind of idiots that back police for killing a kid in the street for being black, but has no issues when a bunch of mental right wing nut jobs take over gov. buildings in a terrorists action, they will back it.

Comment whittington remains an idiot (Score 1) 308

Seriously, this guy is an idiot.
Ok, he does not like ARM. Yet, he claims that it does not have any scientific or engineering merit. Neither are accurate, or even close to accurate.
To move part of an asteroid will require a new tug. This will require new engineering that will then be used for asteroid mining. it can also be used to save the earth from an inbound asteroid.
Then you have several astronauts in space around the moon for several weeks. We have not sent anybody beyond LEO since the 70s and none for several weeks. This will require new engineering to protect the crew and will provide a great deal of science about radiation.

finally, we have the boulder itself. The astronauts will be able to work on it, and figure out a number of things: Namely how to deal in lowGs.
If we are going to mars, it is very likely that we will land and stay on one of the moons FIRST. They also have low G. So, this really does make sense.

Finally, NASA does not have to re-direct all of its resources to go back to the moon. NASA has been hard at work on developing new private space's capabilities. In particular, they have over 4 companies working on different re-usable lunar landers.

Sadly, ppl like whittington is too wrapped up in the past to think of what Eisenhower and Kennedy wanted for NASA, which was that they would go above and beyond, not just repeat.

Comment Re: You mean Space Coffin (Score 1) 101

Nope. Professional and ameaturs trolling has been going on since F1's first failure. Gaetanomarano has been trolling the site screaming that private space would not only fail, but that NASA should continue to spend more money on building rockets and parts in Europe, esp Italy, along with Russia. Then we saw several Russians get into the act along with Chinese, all screaming that spacex, and all musk ventures will fail. Now, here on /., we have amightywind, who is actually a troll from ULA. Quite regularly, he will troll here as AC, but it is the same bullshit. So plenty of pros and amateurs at this on many of the sites.

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