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Comment: Re:Absolutely not (Score 1) 746

by indianajones428 (#15221712) Attached to: Are National ID Cards a Good Idea?
Nazis undoubtedly used cars to do this. Clearly cars are the tool of oppressive governments. Nazis used guns to do this. Clearly guns are the tool of oppressive governments. Nazis used ID cards to do this. Clearly ID cards are the tool of oppressive regimes.

I really don't understand the paranoia some people have with ID cards. They are a tool just like any other.

It's a matter of scale. Yes, guns and cars are tools too, and they can be used for good (self defense and ambulances) or evil (murder and hit-and-runs), depending on who wields the tool. But, to go to an extreme, nuclear energy is also "just a tool," used for good (nuclear power) or evil (nuclear weapons).

Granted, ID cards may not be on the same level as nukes, but there is still much more at stake. Yes, they can be used for good, such as making it easier to get a job or even making it easier to catch a criminal. But it could also be used to track down innocent civilians who have committed no crimes. And unlike nuclear weapons, the system can be misused in a manner that most people don't even realize it's being misused.

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