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Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1305

Do a "rewards" program for people to find and submit news about actual discoveries and game changers. Stuff you really must know if you're working in science or IT.

Enforce somehow the focus of the site for science and IT, theres just too many blatant clickbait news that only touch IT or science tangentially but are sure to devolve in shit-sling threads about petty political nonsense that nobody really cares. Needs a Firehose 2.0

I'd focus more on science really, the place where researchers go and present their findings to be reviewed by our armchair scientists, you get awesome post from those.

The nerdgasm would be a subscription based "digest" where I can subscribe for a particular topic (eg. All Things Space) and get the best discussion from people that are actually working on the science and talented or experienced outsiders. Invite scientist and engineers from the companies that do the headlines, not rocket science really.

Hope everything goes alright with /.

Comment Re:Translation:quit optimizing for Intel technolog (Score 1, Informative) 152

How about they open a few QA jobs and don't make available the stillborn of a software that is "Crimson" I was a loyal AMD fanboy since the K6 era, And and ATI loyal from around the same time, but my last CPU from them was a Phenom, I got tired of waiting for a decent replacement and went with intel, now I'm trying to camp with this old HD7750 because I love the passive cooling and don't really need much video performance for games, but the drivers are making it hard for me to keep supporting them, (yay new actual improvements in performance and such, too bad it crashes anytime you wan to switch a tab in the control panel and your settings get eaten by the grue randomly), truly Alpha quality right there.

Comment Re: Cuba does not care as they would (Score 1) 59

You're right and it's an issue of America to always underestimate the agendas of it's "allies" that said, I bet the issues revolves more about the Castro's hubris, he has said it, as long as he's alive the final transition to democracy can't take place he just allowed the prep work to be started when he realized that communism is a mental wank and Cubans deserve (and have the talent) to do better, just not under his watch... what would the history books say!?

Comment Re:Fingerprinting (Score 1) 182

Who's using FF to manage his CP server or plot the next season of 24? FF is as bourgeois as Chrome now it's designed to be trendy and give what the "mass" of it's users expect and thats good, because the browsers wars v2 it's over now and if you have that puny expectations of privacy you should now better and use any of the imperial fuckton of browser available. The overreaction anytime FF does sometime dobious is getting old, they had its 15 minutes and all but it's time to move on.

That said I use FF as a browser for quick searches (have another session hardened for the bad hoods), blocking everything possible just because I've found that Google works better and offers better results when they don't have the chance to track you, at least in my region. I don't have complains for FF in my usage, maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Comment Cuba does not care as they would (Score 3, Interesting) 59

Why, because they have Venezuela as a fallback for all its communications and while Venezuela is very close to get in the club of failed countries, they still can provide the little connectivity that Cuba is interested to provide to its citizens, properly filtered and controlled as they want. You would say that is Cubans what run Venezuela now, because I'm certain that the bus driver they have now as president can't fuck so throughly a country like he has done by himself.

Cubans can take a look at Puerto Rico and say DO NOT WANT and nobody would blame them really. Sometimes is better to don't know better.

Comment Re:The thing I don't understand is why now? (Score 1) 83

Wrong, not any place that have mosquitoes have this problem because not all mosquitoes can carry the virus, the Zica uses the same vector as the "chikungunya" virus the Aedes albopictus, not original from this hemisphere. It lives below 1700 or so meters below sea level only.

The drought have been so strong here that I have not seen mosquitoes in a while and maybe thats helping to keep the mosquito in low numbers, just today it rained for the first time in 2 months, in the friggin Andean heights, but thats weather and not climate right? back on topic, and despite that we've had a couple confirmed cases of Microcephaly and GB syndrome in Colombia, so it's not something local to Brasil just that El Niño is keeping it at bay.

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 720

Funny how in every post about MS theres always that guy pushing you to Linux without even knowing the work you do, the software or the reliability you need in the system. Like we don't know any better and we need their condescending illumination.

Thats, if anything, is the thing that crossed the line and stopped me from trying Linux on the desktop, I don't care about the philosophical values of the rock, I need it to smash shit. I use Linux it where it works, in the server.

And no I'm not on or planning to upgrade to 10, I have 7 and I'm writing this on a Macbook. I wish I could be a fan of any IT company, all suck equally IMO.

Comment Re:Amazing cheap loudspeakers (Score 1) 135

Yeah, electrostatic is the holy grail of audiophiles yet it's a pretty accessible hobby if you have the tools, take a look into DIY Electrostatic Headphones:


Where entry level orthos/isos are in the range of $100 they can get as high as $3000 so not only your kids can wear what they have created, maybe they can start a local "business" Are they worth that much money? IDK I have some vintage Fostex monitors and yes the electrostatic technology is as good as it gets for audio reproduction, almost everything is subjective in audio IMO. This is more a crafts and acoustics work rather than a pure electrical one tho.

Comment OC what? (Score 1) 117

I wonder why so many in a tech savvy and marketing averse community got so burned by a company that only lived through its marketing, ignoring the writing on the wall about its reliability, which was known since almost the beginning of it's failed SSD line. I agree in that they should have used the Toshiba brand but I imagine they are using that one for the enterprise market.

Comment Re:Nice, but OCZ (Score 1) 117

Why would one buy lots of SSDs of just one brand, back in that time the most relevant info for purchasing one was the controller and the cell technology, OCZ problems were known very early in the product lifecycle, is not their fault that you didn't do your homework. After all, if it were only for brand, i had OCZ as another "gamer" focused company with no substance, history and that appeared from nowhere. Maybe I had the wrong perception of the company.. oh wait, no, they failed hard and went bankrupt.

Comment Re:Not a fan (Score 1) 117

Sample of 1 also: a Mushkin Chronos Deluxe been going nice for 4 years, after one XP install and 3 Win7 installs (with lots power failures and whatnot in between) it keeps working nicely and now it's retired to an old Macbook, just today did the "upgrade" after a Parted Magic secure erase.

Now I have an EVO 850 in the PC, hope it delivers the same value as that little SSD: best hardware upgrade ever I don't think I'm buying spinning rust again, maybe one of those caviars RED for a NAS if I ever need one. Just do your back ups and have a UPS, it's computing 101.

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