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Comment: Re:Why this matters (Score 1) 520

by indeciso (#35242116) Attached to: Steve Jobs Health Worries Escalate
For sure Jobs has been key for current Apple success, but I think that nowadays the company is mature enough to go on without him. Now Apple has all it lacked in 1997: market leadership, worldwide notoriety, powerful marketing, know-how, and an army of talented developers (both indoors or outdoors).

Steve Jobs led Apple through the right path, but that's far from saying that he's created all Apple's successful products single-handledly.

Comment: Re:Poor solution (Score 1) 470

by indeciso (#33351986) Attached to: 'Leap Seconds' May Be Eliminated From UTC
Great, then every time the second definition changes, we can get rid of our old watches, clocks, motherboards, cell phones, and any other stuff we use to measure time, cause they're going to be outdated and defective. Sounds like a great idea to activate the economy with some extra sales! [sarcasm mode off]

Anyway, what's the reason why we'd need an invariable "SI second" if nobody would use it?

Comment: Re:Wow, Intel jumps the shark (Score 0) 377

by indeciso (#33300922) Attached to: Intel Buys McAfee
Actually it's not such a bad investment. According to Wikipedia, McAfee's 2008 revenue was $1.6 billion. Even if the software they make is crap, if Intel can keep this revenue from McAfee in the near future, they will need just 5 years to recover the invested money. And after all, they can even try to improve their products.

IMHO, that price is a bargain!

Comment: Re:Comparing Trains in the US and Europe (Score 1) 1139

by indeciso (#33299036) Attached to: Is a US High-Speed Railway Economically Feasible?
Very good point, indeed.

Here in Spain the government is spending million of euros in the high speed train (here it's called AVE, Alta Velocidad Española). Meanwhile, cargo transportation is virtually unavailable for companies, so the only option left is shipping all the stuff by road. Roads that, by the way, should be strongly improved if the government was not spending all the money in AVE. But hey, when the elections arrive is really cool to say they have made hundreds of kilometers of new high speed trains. After all, voters rarely give a shit about freight transportation.

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