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+ - Smashing Soccer - Game Review

Submitted by indagame
indagame (3401091) writes "This article is about Smashing Soccer game. There are a lot of flash games where you have to punch a penalty. But this game is the complete opposite! Here you are the goalie and you need to catch a flying ball. It seem that the meaning of the game is quite simple: you are standing on the gates, and the forward tries to hit. But the most important thing ind this game are attention and concentration. So Smashing Soccer will be beneficial to sportmans, especially football players. Catch balls, earn points, move up a level and train your reaction and concetration!"

+ - "Thing Thing Arena 3" Review

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Online flash game for young gamers Thing Thing Arena 3 appeared in 2008 in a bloody action game genre. It isn't surprising that sometimes gamers want to relax a little bit and play simple game such Thing Thing Arena 3, where there is little you think about tactics and strategy, and only running, jumping, turning and a lot of shooting with 2 hands. And it is not surprising that those same gamers do not pay any attention to the graphics, music, the beauty of the landscape and all sorts of innovative effects.

This is already the third part of a series of games under the name Thing Thing you need only one thing — to survive! And how you do it — your choice.

Gameplay controls are elementary: A, D — left, right; W — jump; S — duck; E or wheel — Switch Weapons; R — recharge; E or pressing the scroll wheel — martial fight; F — select weapons. Good luck!..."

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