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US Embassy Categorizes Beijing Air Quality As 'Crazy Bad' 270

digitaldc writes "Pollution in Beijing was so bad Friday the US embassy, which has been independently monitoring air quality, ran out of conventional adjectives to describe it, at one point saying it was 'crazy bad.' The embassy later deleted the phrase, saying it was an 'incorrect' description and it would revise the language to use when the air quality index goes above 500, its highest point and a level considered hazardous for all people by US standards. The hazardous haze has forced schools to stop outdoor exercises, and health experts asked residents, especially those with respiratory problems, the elderly and children, to stay indoors."

Submission + - Driverless cars reached Shanghai from Milan

incuso writes: "Remember the previosly discussed Milan-to-Shanghai Driverless Trek?

Today, the expedition eventually reached Shanghai after nearly 13.000 kilometers of autonomous driving. On October 28th the driverless car will be presented at the 2010 Expo in the European Pavillion and later in the Italian one."

Woman Creates 3-D Erotic Book For the Blind 113

Lisa J. Murphy has written an erotic book with tactile images for that special visually impaired porn connoisseur in your life. Tactile Mind contains explicit softcore raised images, along with Braille text and photos. From the article: "A photographer with a certificate in Tactile Graphics from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Murphy learned to create touchable images of animals for books for visually impaired children. Then she realized that there was a lack of such books for adults only. 'There are no books of tactile pictures of nudes for adults, at least the last time I looked around,' says Murphy. 'We're breaking new ground. Playboy has [an edition with] Braille wording, but there are no pictures.' She says that while we live in a culture saturated with sexual images, the blind have been 'left out.'"

Submission + - VIAC: VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge->

incuso writes: "VisLab announced the the more advanced challenge so far ever organized for autonomous vehicles. Two driverless electric cars will perform a trip from Italy to China to demonstrate the feasibility of autonomous driving in real traffic conditions. Each vehicle will be equipped with 5 laser-scanners, 7 cameras, GPS. IMU, 3 Linuc PCs, and x-by-wire driving system.
The mission will start on July 10 in Milan (Italy) and will reach Shangay (China) on October 10 (10/10/10) on a 13.000 km route though Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and finally China."

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