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Comment: Re:First question ... (Score 1) 254

by incongruency (#42295741) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Replacing a TI-84 With Software On a Linux Box?
As much as I love my N900, I've yet to find a proctor who would let me use my phone during an exam.

Well... I did get to use it on a test in Physics in high school, but only because my TI-84's batteries were dead and I had to use a TI-84 Emulator on it... And the teacher sat behind me the whole time...

Point is you're better off using the calculator and keeping a spare set of batteries around.

Comment: Re:Same problem at Newegg- Really a MS problem (Score 1) 297

by incongruency (#41712027) Attached to: Windows RT vs. Windows 8 Could Burn Consumers

They are not totally different at all.
Windows 8 is a super set of windows RT.
Windows 8 is windows RT + desktop mode.
Anything you buy for WinRT will also just work on Win8.

However, that's not correct.

Windows RT runs on ARM processors, and as a result all binary files (programs) have to be compiled to run on ARM.
However, Windows 8 runs on what is called x86 processors, and it's binary files have to be compiled to run on x86.

And that's just the most basic difference, that completely ignores any other software differences.

What you buy for Windows RT will not just work on Windows 8.

Comment: Re:Haha (Score 1) 209

by incongruency (#41611579) Attached to: HTC Profits Drop By 79%
Not yet released, but you might want to keep on top of what Jolla is doing. They're a group of ex-Nokia employees that were laid off when Nokia went full-on Windows phone that were responsible for the linux-based Nseries N900 and N9.

They're set to release information on their first phone in November, it'll be a linux phone like the Nseries phones, and while it's not likely to have the massive app market for native apps, it should do all the things you say you're looking for.

They're also saying it'll run android applications, but that's just icing on the cake for you.

I'll admit to being biased as a N900 owner, but perhaps you'll be interested to see what they offer? At the very least to compare to the windows 8 phones out there as well.

Comment: Re:Coding is a skill, not a profession (Score 1) 233

by incongruency (#41593265) Attached to: The Case For the Blue Collar Coder
Knowing you're and AC and not entirely likely to see this response, I want to thank you for headed me down a better path and making me finally properly research fixed point maths. I'm no rockstar, but it's times like these where I get to find something I knew little of and expand my knowledge that make it worth it. Thank you.
Open Source

4chan Undergoing Major Revision, Getting Public API 166

Posted by timothy
from the waiting-on-the-verticals dept.
AdmiralXyz writes "Even the darkest corners of the internet aren't immune to the Web 2.0 boom: BoingBoing reports that 4chan is working on the largest codebase update in its history. The new 4chan will include as standard the functionality of popular browser plugins for using the site, as well as a JSON API so- hooray?- anyone can have immediate access to the contents of 4chan for any purpose they like. This represents a significant update to the heretofore haphazard development process of 4chan, and opens up the possibility of third-party 4chan apps... though probably not on the App Store."

Comment: Re:New meaning for "defile" (Score 1) 371

by incongruency (#41243389) Attached to: Nokia Claims a Memory Card Slot Would Have "Defiled" New Phone

I still have my n900. Gee, what could have been, if they hadn't been such cowards!

As someone still sticking to his N900, I think I'm going to pass on this latest offering.

That said, have you looked at what Jolla, a company of ex-Nokia employees is doing with MeeGo, the successor to the Maemo OS which our N900s runs?

Personally I'm looking forward to what they have to offer.

Comment: Re:"More nimble competitor"? (Score 1) 396

by incongruency (#41236317) Attached to: First Impressions of Windows 8 Powered Nokia Lumia 920 and 820
As a current N900 owner, I'm also very interested in what Jolla will produce, as I'm very much hoping that to be my next phone.

However, as a US citizen the radios they choose to put into the phone may prohibit me from using it, as I'm not keen on switching from TMobile because of my grandfathered data plan.

I'm also concerned about if their phone will have a physical keyboard or not, but it is said that there will be a developer edition, which may be more to my liking.

They're also saying that the Jolla phone will be able to run Android applications, and if so that'll be an exciting development:

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