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Comment: Why bother with a DVD/Blu-ray drive at all? (Score 1) 502

by incognito84 (#38368590) Attached to: What Microsoft Should and Shouldn't Do For the Xbox 720
Why not just have a 1TB HDD? Or a swanky SSD? That's the inevitability anyway. Store games in the cloud a la Steam and download them at your convenience. Don't fear the cloud. These days, such a move isn't bound to exclude many as it would have in the past.

Comment: Arma2... (Score 2) 186

by incognito84 (#37053380) Attached to: The Case For Surrealism In Games
Whoever wrote this article obviously hasn't played it. Its a game that is astonishingly close to "realism." As, much as possible anyway.

I would simply argue that concessions away from realism in "realistic" titles exist in video games because a mouse and keyboard is a poor substitute for your body and a monitor is a poor substitute for your eyes.

Once we have more "immersive" input/output hardware, the lines between reality and the game world will become blurry.

Comment: Trying too hard to be relevant. (Score 2) 45

by incognito84 (#36509744) Attached to: <em>Defiance</em> Combines TV Show and MMO
I like the idea but it seems like Syfy is trying to hard to be relevant. First with the name change and then with this.

What they really need to do is tell good stories with believable characters. Create a good show and a fan base will follow. Go back to the fundamentals.

The reason the network does poorly is because most of it's original programming is garbage.

Comment: Just like text messaging... (Score 1) 433

by incognito84 (#34810276) Attached to: Internet Downloading Costs To Rise In Canada
As the cost of transmitting large amounts of data goes down due to new technologies, the price of access either stays the same or goes up. This is the exact same as text messaging. It costs the cell phone companies in Canada hardly anything yet they charge users a fortune to do it (0.30$ per inbound or outbound message in most cases).

Comment: Re:This can happen only in Korea (Score 1) 136

by incognito84 (#34110146) Attached to: A Robot In Every Korean Kindergarten By 2013?
After teaching English in both the Korean and the Japanese public school systems for years, I honestly have no idea where these stereotypes come from. The kids in this part of the world don't have as many bad influences outside of the classroom and they do spend a lot more time with their heads in the books but they're equally as zany, off the wall and out of control as their Western counterparts. They still skip class, smoke and get into all sorts of other trouble outside school, especially here in Westernized Japan where the precursors to gang/swarming behaviour are already taking route. The main difference between the UK, Canada and Korea is that kids spend so much time studying and are under so much more pressure to perform on academic tests that they really don't have time to be silly.

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