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by inasity_rules (#46831033) Attached to: Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module

If there is one format I always hated it was cassette. Vinyl wasn't too bad, but the hiss was annoying (never got around to building myself a filter, which may have broken the fidelity of the sound anyway. I never did the math either...), and I haven't played one in years. Cassettes were just pure evil, even on high quality players, stretching, distorting. getting chewed up and snapping, then you have to splice it. No thanks.

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I do exactly the same thing, but I use problems from Project Euler. I think I may be a bit evil, but really, if you claim to know a language and can't at least brute force a numerical problem...

Weirdly though we just took on two paid interns to develop some internal tools under supervision. One failed my sadistic little test, and the other passed it. Turns out the one who failed writes better code and grasps the problems better. Anecdotal, but surprising. Disclosure: I am definitely not a software engineer.

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This. Please mod parent up. AC is exactly right, except maybe about it getting fixed. The CEO isn't always clued up enough. Also, prior to the press, one should likely approach whatever government regulatory is appropriate in your country.

The paper trail here is the important thing. That email, is critical.

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That is curious. What if you chose to believe based on invulnerable toast, and later found out it was a new accidental carbon alloy - and a phenomenon with a purely natural(if invaluable) explanation? That is my problem with toast as a proof. However, it proof appears to be a fairly subjective thing. Having watched some of the Pistorius trial (when one lives in a country it is wise to see a little of it's judicial system at work), it is fairly easy to see just how subjective something as simple as where a pair of jeans was at specific time. In your worldview toast may well be acceptable and my judgement meaningless.

I do well agree with you though - as far as I can tell, any system of thought must rely either on external assumptions or internal inconsistency and in many cases, both. I would not like to try to prove this rigorously, but anecdotally, it seems to be true.

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That is often paraded out as the ultimate question to "resolve" God. The trouble is, I have always found, one tends to end up at the same point from which one started. And then both sides have a nice little flame war and storm off in a huff.. Oh, wait, this is /. Carry on...

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If you embrace naturalism you must assume that there is a natural explanation for everything (toast included), and thus it would be illogical for you to leave that position simply because you failed to find an explanation. While I applaud your open-mind, I have to question if toast would (or indeed should) be sufficient. That includes characters played by Matt Berry. Full disclosure - I don't hold to naturalism myself...

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Perhaps, but the excessive use of CAPITAL letters, does not help his case much.

The trouble is not mathematics though, it is philosophy, which some argue is a ridiculous thing as their version of science trumps all philosophy. A perhaps untenable philosophical position.

As one who believes in the existence of a creator, I am unsure I find his arguments convincing on a philosophical level. Deism is functionally indistinguishable from agnosticism or outright atheism..

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I fully agree. It is a huge problem. The trouble is, in our sensationalist media, who do you give more air-time to? Westboro? Or, say John Lennox(or any other vocal Christian who'd be against Westboro)? Which sells better? A dry boring treatise on why Westboro are really really wrong or pictures of some idiots picketing a funeral?

Society doesn't want to see logic and reason from anyone! No, we as consumers demand sensationalism. That way we can vilify anyone who is wrong and we don't really have to think about it too hard.

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