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Comment Ads aren't the problem (Score 1) 242

The problem is the cable companies, not the TV networks. I don't have a problem with TV commercials. I'm a cable cutter, and you aren't going to get me to sign back up because there are fewer ads. We need more local/regional competition in cable and internet providers to bring some decent service back.

Comment Re:Where can I find an extension (Score 2) 84

Except media queries are performed locally within the browser - not on the server. Even if the media query is specified in a link element in the head, the CSS file is still downloaded even if it doesn't fulfill the query requirement.

Comment Endowments (Score 1) 274

You do know how endowments typically work, right? Some rich alumni gives the school $1,000,000 for a scholarship. If they just gave out the million to students they might help 50 students for 1 year, but that's not what they do. They invest the million and use the interest to fund the scholarship and can then help a few students per year - basically forever.

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