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Comment: More ideas (Score 1) 878

by imurd3r3r (#41920559) Attached to: Do Recreational Drugs Help Programmers?
I've smoked pot and explored ideas relating to my highly technical job that I feel I wouldn't have otherwise. I drew up elaborate diagrams, worked through highly difficult mathematics to express ideas and actually develop reliable hardware that is still being used by a specialized technical department to train and use in the field. My company employs over 10,000 people. I had a stint of pot smoking for about a year, but quit because I fear losing my job, but in the time that I did, I would venture to say I was more productive than I am now.

Comment: More power, More space, lighter weight (Score 1) 123

by imurd3r3r (#41856351) Attached to: Crushed Silicon Triples Life of Li-Ion Batteries In the Lab
A lithium battery holding three times the capacity is significant. This could mean that the range of a EV could be three times, all else equal, or the battery could provide three times the voltage with the same capacity all else equal, or simply the size and weight of the battery could be 1/3rd the size leaving room for other components. Considering I race RC cars with lithium batteries in a six minute heat, I'd choose 1/3rd the size and weight.

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