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Comment Why batteries? Hydrogen much denser. (Score 1) 65

As I posted below, it seems pretty obvious you would use fuel cells instead of batteries for an electric aircraft... from your energy density link compressed hydrogen has an even better energy density (142 MJ/kg) than jet fuel (46 MJ/kg)!

The cost of hydrogen production is estimated to become close to gasoline production over the next decade or so, but there is a huge pollution benefit to using fuel cells which could drive adoption quicker.

The currently very low cost of oil is probably the main thing that would keep airplanes from going electric soon.

Comment stars (Score 1) 81

Probably massively distorted by stars who accept all friend requests and serve as hubs.

Basically, when you make such a rule, you should have some kind of minimum standard for what qualifies as a "connection". If you bring it down to FB standards, which basically is "I once saw you from afar on the street", the distance is minimal. In real-world terms, if you actually would use "once saw you on the street", I'm fairly sure even for large cities the average would be something like 1.8

Comment Re:A Huge Impending Force (Score 1) 81

For example, a restaurant owner is known to be rude and cruel to his employees.

And if the threshold of proving that, is "some guy said it on facebook" or "some 20 second clip posted to youtube" well, this sort of vigilantism will never miss its target and destroy a completely innocent person.

United social power can be a real scum squasher.

Yes, mobs are well known for their rational considered responses to situations. Wait...

Comment Re:Wireless is a fail too then (Score 1) 580

Correction: *YOUR* federal law requires it.

Then what should residents of the country where SlashdotMedia is headquartered do to change it?

Considering I only use physical ethernet connections

Very few public places nowadays provide "physical ethernet connections" to guests. It's all Wi-Fi nowadays. In a hotel, for example, do you prefer to just do without Internet access for the duration?

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 112

I'd say so. Coding is design + typing + debugging. This removes the typing (and the need to learn syntax and wrestle with silly syntax errors) and much of the debugging.

If you like coding with most of the tedious annoying bits removed, you might like actual coding. Or at least for "top down" people, it's a good approach.

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