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Comment: Re:Isn't this how the USSR ended? (Score 1) 456

by imperious_rex (#36149614) Attached to: The Cost of US Security
You're both right (self-congratulatory claptrap) and wrong (communism just doesn't work very well). There was no single factor that caused the economic collapse of the Soviet Union, but the most under-reported significant causes were grain (the USSR had no choice but to buy foreign grain to feed its increasingly urbanized population) and oil (the sharp drop in oil prices was a major economic blow). For a more lengthy look into the role of grain and oil in the USSR's collapse, see this article or download the PDF of the article.

Comment: Re:Bite the hand that feeds... (Score 4, Funny) 1142

by imperious_rex (#28233007) Attached to: Ballmer Threatens To Pull Out of the US
If there were a country with minimal tax, strong protection from the government, freedom to think and act - I know I would move there.
Better start packing then. This place is a Republican wet dream come true. Minimal taxes, practically no government, and a free market economy! Check out their site for tourists!

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