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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 2) 422

Actually, I think that something is about to give WRT oil exports. All of OPEC is losing money and the majority of them have already gone through their main savings and are now losing their back-up savings (i.e. gold, American T-bills, etc). Saudi Arabia would love to force American production out of business, but that is not going to happen. But, they want to increase the price, just like the rest of the OPEC does, while at the same time, not losing any % of market place. THe only way to have price increase is to have all producers esp. Russia cut their production. Russia is fighting that, but, with their now being involved in a 2 front war, they will likely be willing to cut production so as to increase their total dollars.

Comment Re:Please put the word "space" in quotes (Score 1) 104

The hard part here is NOT slowing down. Basically slowing down from 4 km or 100 km is simply a matter of more fuel. The hard part is:
1) landing under power.
2) landing under power on a set spot.
3) landing under power on a spot that is pitching, rolling, and yawing.

Blue Origin should be congratulated for doing the first. Of course, SpaceX not only did the first, but also the second. SpaceX has NOT managed to do #3.
BUT, in the end, BO will be flying regular commercial runs with stage reuse next year.

Comment Re:Its About Time (Score 1) 202

we went to universal studies 2 months ago due to this. Would have done disney save for this issue.
And I differ with you on this. I think that this lawsuit will lead to a flood of lawsuits against companies AND THE IMMIGRATION dept. That will stop this rather quickly.
Ideally, these lawyers suing disney will consider the idea of suing the board and executives for their moving from wages for the executives to stock options. The stock options encourage behavior like this which results in short-term gains, but fast destruction of the company. It would be a hard battle, but upon winning it, it would pretty much stop other companies from doing this same foolish behavior.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 202

Because executives are no longer paid wages. ALL of their compensation comes in the form of stock options that are then sold at HUGE profits with little to no taxes.
The lawyers that are representing these employees will almost certainly win. I am hopeful that they will continue on and sue the board and executives for paying the executives in this fashion. By paying them with publically traded options, and not money, or ESOP stock, they encourage the executives to destroy the companies for short-term gains, which is NOT in the interest of the stock-holders or employees.
The first suit is an easy win. The above suit will be harder, but possible. At the same time, it would have a much larger impact on businesses around the world.

Comment Re:Sue / fine the IT services contractors (Score 1) 202

These disney ppl are almost certain to win this. It will mean massive lawsuits on the old companies. CONgress would have to write it in, that protects not just these companies, but the older companies along with the offshored companies. For any that attempt to vote for that, how long do you think that they would last in their seat?

Comment Re:Sue / fine the IT services contractors (Score 2) 202

And that is exactly why these disney ppl need to sue not just disney, but immigration. They have a responsibility to ENFORCE the WORDING AND MEANING of the law. They have not been, and continue to not, do so.
As such, I believe that upon disney ppl winning this lawsuit, that if they go after the feds, it will open a huge pipeline of lawsuits against the old companies, immigration, and maybe even companies like tata. Of course, the Indian companies will simply declare bankruptcy, but it will be no different than companies that put in place asbestos, and other items now considered danagerous.

Comment No, they do not (Score 1) 107

If they did, they would quit outsourcing. Seriously, when you outsource the code to another nation in which you are paying software engineers 8-10,000 / year, what do you think will happen which China or Russia offers one of them 100,000 to leave a back door in the code? Then once the black hats get on the system, they put in a new back door and remove the one that was put in the system so as to not point back to the original person.

If the CIOs at places like Target and Home Depot REALLY cared about Security, they would quit outsourcing to weak coders that make horrible money and are then easy targets for this.

Comment Russia and China are the ones to watch. (Score 1) 98

Both have massive ground based laser system designed to take out sats. In fact , ussr once threatened the shuttle by hitting it with a laser on the window. Purposely. Now, Russia AND china, have small sats about size of basketball that they are moving slowly by American sats. These are only useful as a first strike weapon. Basically, if we launch at attack, upon launching, we do not need the sats. OTOH, if Russia, and/or china, launch, then taking out sats first, give them a critical edge.

Comment Re: Smart move. (Score 1) 207

Might want to re-evaluate it based on what everybody is seeing and not just on what you see with your 2 cars.
Volvo is WAY down the list. And mazda is just barely above average.

Sadly, JD Powers refuses to rate Tesla. Interestingly, Tesla is now at the same sales volume as Porsche was in 2000. And if all goes well Tesla will surpass Porsche by 2018. Of course, the question is, will JD Powers finally rate Tesla then?

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