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Comment Re:Time to invest in hard hats (Score 1) 256

Unless the parachute can steer it away, I'm not sure it would help much. The speed and momentum that would cause most of the damage would be from the vehicle striking it.

I'm replying from my phone with piss poor reception so i didn't get a chance to watch the video you linked to. Sorry if that already answered my point.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 25

So who is the bigger fool, then: (a) the one who worships power as a ruling class twit while here under the sun, jetting off to Paris to whinge on about global anthropogenic non-constant climate warming change, or (b) the one who focuses on finding some joy in life, while keeping the soul minimally tainted, in view of the hereafter?

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 124

In other words, you are insisting that your labels are correct, only because you say they are. Whenever anyone else suggests a label that you disagree with - regardless of factual support for it - you tell them that they are not "in good faith" or other such silliness, even though they supported the label vastly more so than you. In other words, your argument is hypocritical.

Now you're entering into fustakrakich realms of blindness to the degree to which your arguments apply to yourself, which is 100%.
And you're still incorrect about #OccupyResoluteDesk. Were he conservative, for example, his college transcripts and writings would be known and discussed. Instead, as for all of the godless Commie sodomites of the Left (if you'll forgive the pleonasm), the Codpiece Media runs interference.
The degree to which the country was duped by this no-talent rodeo clown is only going to be fully apparent many years hence.
And all of the Tea Party criticisms will stand vindicated.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 124

To be even more blunt, you just tried to claim that the Chinese are somehow "socialists" (based on no facts whatsoever) yet you get your undies up in a bunch when anyone calls any president in history "conservative" as a result of actually evaluating the facts of their administrative actions.

Is there a distinction to be made that the Chinese call themselves "socialist", whereas #OccupyResoluteDesk has (to my knowledge) never confused himself with a "conservative" in any way, shape, form, or context?
None of which precludes your capacity to make stuff up, of course.

Comment Re:Time to invest in hard hats (Score 1) 256

Here is something to think about as far as traffic goes. In several large cities where road speed is 55mph or higher, the overpasses now have chain link fence over the roadway because people have thrown bricks, rocks, and other objects over the side to be hit by traffic whizzing by. Several deaths have been attributed to this. Something as small as a 5lbs brick can crash through a windshield , the person sitting on the other side, and sometimes more.

What I'm getting at is this won't be just a scratch on the hood or bruises if it goes down in traffic. It can be lethal without much effort.

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