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By this logic, a kid with paper and pencil passing notes secretly could be an organization of war and if he passed a secret note to a politicians, he would be levying war with his methods and tools of war. Why don't you try to stretch it a bit more and shoe horn something really silly into it.

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Well, that and lying would require you knowing what you said was not the truth at the time you said it.

Incorrect facts is not lying. Your friend who thinks the game starts at 8pm only to find it was 7:30pm did not lie, he got his facts wrong. Now if you said that knowing the correct time, it would be a lie. Here it seems that the facts were corrected as soon as he was aware of it. I do not see lying coming from him (his staff and employees on the other hand).

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I do not exactly see how an all powerful and intrusive spying regime is less government.

This story is the epitome of big government through and through. But not, the small government politicians do not seem to want to cut this down just like the big government politicians. Your argument seems frivolous on it's head.

They have it, and you helped them remove the things that prevented them from getting it before.

I know not RTFA is a badge of honor here, but you could at least have read the article summery. No one removed anything legally. Employees ignored a separation of limits or a firewall as the summery put it and even knowing they were not supposed to, they did anyways. No politician or political ideology allowed or helped in this. If anything, it would be the leading from behind and phoning it in that our leadership in government seems to be doing any more.

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Great intentions. Let's maybe try and get you promoted on You could even write Corey.

Tell him one of the old DJ's from "Nickie's Haight St. Barbecue" recommended you... or maybe not... ;-)

SEVEN DOLLARS!?! Remember Ballentine and Ace? 75 or 95 cents... Hey, they went to 1.25 and 1.50... that was expensive, so you could go to a used bookshop and get for .25 or .90. Those places smelled great - nine-thousand yellowing paperbacks, slowly exuding the aroma of deterioration and discovery.

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Journal by mcgrew

It annoys the hell out of me that my books are so damned expensive, which is why I wanted Mars, Ho! to be 100,000 words. I'd hoped that possibly Baen might publish it so it would be, oddly, far cheaper. I can buy a copy of Andy Wier's excellent novel The Martian from Barnes and Noble or Amazon for less than I can get a copy of my own Paxil Diaries from my printer, and Wier's book is a lot longer.

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The voters gave #OccupyResoluteDesk a pass in 2012. Until such time as the voters give the GOP such a commanding majority that substantial action is possible, all the impeachment talk is just so much hormonal whinging. What really must terrify the GOP is that, given such power, the silent conservative majority would expect them to accomplish some no-kidding reform. Which is why the GOP prefers the sweet passive aggression of letting the IRS crush the Tea Parties.
To your "Health Insurance Industry Bailout Act of 2010" point, you may find this interesting.

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Look at what you wrote:

It requires no intellect, and certainly no "morality" of any kind. It is a natural predator and prey relationship. And all attempts to regulate it have been quite farcical at best. Can't expect much different when sociopathy is the dominant trait of those we support.

Examples of cooperative ecosystems abound. Indeed, things veer into "sociopathy" when resources are constrained, which is an odd word choice following your 'no "morality" of any kind'. If it's all amoral, how do you gauge a sociopath? (Asking for a cereal killer).

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