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Comment: Why do you need to be anonymous at all? (Score -1, Troll) 193

by imerso (#32907828) Attached to: New Chinese Rule Requires Real Names Online
Although I never agreed with totality control, from sometime ago to this date, I started to change my mind about anonymous everything. I really started to suspect that the most interested parties are criminals. Well, as Google said, if you don't have anything to hide, why are you so afraid of not being anonymous at all? I can't see the point. To this date, cameras and identification everywhere are okay to me if they'll prevent me or my my family to be killed because of our car or our cellphones. Thank you.

Comment: Windows users run with admin privileges (Score 1) 245

by imerso (#32005562) Attached to: Fake Antivirus Peddlers Outpacing Real AV Firms
This is the main problem we see under Windows: the users like to run with ADMIN privileges all the time. Unix users (which obviously include Linux users) are educated enough to run as ROOT only when needed, and that counts a lot to the overall security. People need to help the system to be secure, not running as ADMIN to browse the internet. And... stop downloading everything they find "for free".

Comment: Re:Legal fees vs. piracy revenue (Score 1) 232

by imerso (#31211442) Attached to: Nintendo On the Hunt For More Scalps
I see this question differently: we're not obligated to buy games from any maker. If we don't agree with the pricing, why don't we MAKE OUR OWN? I will answer it to you: BECAUSE IT COSTS HIGH MONEY. So, if it costs high money to make, why should it be FREE at first place? And, repeating my other question, are the guys who build the copy devices giving them away for free???

Comment: Go Nintendo! (Score 0, Redundant) 232

by imerso (#31211358) Attached to: Nintendo On the Hunt For More Scalps
Sorry guys, but I agree with Nintendo fighting the copy devices... I am generally favorable to free movements and all, but out of curiosity are the guys giving the copy devices away for free??? No? So they are not defending freedom at all, they're just earning MONEY the easy way. Not too different from thiefs.

Comment: I like that (Score 1) 264

by imerso (#30849998) Attached to: Asus Says Netbook Is Dead, Hello Wearable Computers
Actually, I like that, because for things where I need to type fast or a big screen, I use a notebook or desktop. As a programmer and computers fanatic, I like the idea of having one computer always available everywhere, better yet if it does not need a pocket (like my iPhone, for instance). It needs to keep me informed of new emails, allow me to read some news, do some searching, locate me, play mp3, show a small video, etc. No need for fast typing on this type of device. So I am all for it, and will buy one for sure when it becomes available -- well, if it has enough power, of course. =)

Comment: Re:As always, make yourself known (Score 1) 597

by imerso (#30540792) Attached to: Why Coder Pay Isn't Proportional To Productivity
Wait, the guy was just kidding. Anyway, I think the jealous people (yes, those people that tried but was incapable of understanding programming) like to diminish the importance of the programmers too much, so naming variables as aa, aAa etc, and not making THAT definitive AI system is something not so condemnable then. Fuck the jealous people! Programmers rulezzz!!!

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