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Comment Re:Does it affect functionality at all? (Score 1) 566

Most of us work in situations where data is either privileged from a business perspective or legally protected. Even if actual private data is not being collected, patterns and routines can steal lead to actionable leaks. In as much as we expect to remain competitive and work within the law, potentially this does effect functionality.

Comment Re:What a bunch of jerks (Score 1) 459

Of course a vast majority of private companies are willing to throw money at any conservative group who will take it if it will get them taxed and / or regulated less. Both sides of the economic political spectrum have their major backers and there is a shit ton of money in the right's

That's not really true. Big companies always hedge their bets by contributing to both sides. The large ones actually like more regulation because it stifles the competition and helps them retain their market share. Corporations like being partners with government, and avoid candidates that eschew corporate influence in crafting regulation. Commerce of every kind is so heavily regulated these days, that companies lobby for specific forms of regulation that provide them a competitive edge. They rarely if ever lobby to reduce regulation. And they already have so many tax loopholes in the thousands of pages of tax code they just hire accountants to avoid taxation, using foreign subsidiaries if necessary.

Comment Re:Better transistors? (Score 2) 333

People may have restated it in many silly ways, but what they actually mean is "Computers become twice as good every 18 months or so." Whether it's multiple cores, or faster clock speeds, or better RAM throughput, that's still what it amounts to: twice as good computers.

I think that's pretty much failed, then, for general purpose computers. At one time, I actually used to upgrade about every 18 months, and would see a really nice boost in performance. That's not so much the case anymore, it takes more like 3-4 years.

Comment Re:What a bunch of jerks (Score 1) 459

Left-leaning activists have an advantage in most places, as they are able to use government grants, funds, and support. That is, government administrators support activist groups that advocate for more government and higher government spending. So they are doing nothing but trying to level the playing field by concentrating the numbers of people that want to reduce government influence, which is MUCH more difficult.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 459

You don't need the voting to be a full time job. But considering bills, figuring out the ramifications, thinking of ways to improve them so that they have the maximum desired impact with minimum side effects? That sure as hell sounds like a full time job.

That's just research the staffers do.

Comment Re:What a bunch of jerks (Score 1) 459

They're not taking over by force, they will only be 2% of the population, easily outvoted. So if you don't like their ideas, you can vote them down. If that doesn't work, try starting a private fund. If you're looking for some group to "do good things", it doesn't necessarily have to be someone that collects money with the barrel of a gun...

Comment Re:Life Liberty and Really? (Score 2) 459

What are we supposed to think when the group explicitly replaces "the pursuit of happiness" with "property"?

The Declaration of Independence used "the pursuit of happiness" - but that would just a document saying they wanted to be free from English rule. The Constitution uses "property" instead, because it's, you know, a governing document. So that "change" is actually 226 years old.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

Abortion is indeed a deep question, and I would be all for making it illegal if the state incubated the fetus from conception and paid all costs involved in the raising of the resulting child.

Agreed it's a deep question. But the state would only need to incubate - there is no lack of people willing to adopt babies, so that's not an issue.

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