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Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 4, Insightful) 1010

Arguably though the Academy Awards also suffer from what the Puppies accuse the Hugos of being: rewarding unenjoyable pandering (just of a different variety). I'm a huge film nerd who will enjoy watching abstract art films and I can barely stand sitting through a lot of the Academy Award nominations. There's no good solution. If you hand over awards to critics you often end up with dry "important" works of art. If you hand it over to the consumers you get McDonalds works of art. If you hand it over to the creators you get a lot of self indulgent crap. And without fail the winners are pretty arbitrary especially since it's on an annual basis. If you happen to have a lot of crap in one year, above average crap will win. If you have a year of amazing groundbreaking work then every nomination could be better than the last decade of winners.

It's tough to find any one process which nominates work that is: Important, Innovative and Entertaining.

Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 378

It's gotten way better with 'connected-standby' on 8/10. Microsoft IMO though solved the suspend/resume problem by just making boot ridiculously fast in 8.1 and even faster in 10. The surface tablets I've had have never glitched out a single time and it does a really good job of going into hibernate, writing to disk and shutting down completely after a specified duration. Almost every time I resume a Surface it has already gone into full hibernation/shutdown. In fact I don't think after 8 you could actually shut down your computer instead of hibernate without going to a hidden shutdown option, it's just the default option.

Comment Re:No problems for me (Score 2) 203

Inexperienced users wouldn't know to skip a bad update. Inexperienced users wouldn't know how to install a critical update. Inexperienced users are screwed no matter what. If they're going to get screwed they might as well get screwed by maybe being .1% of users who get bricked vs the 50% of users who end up as a bot farm.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 123

Not to mention Win32 is still supported in Windows 10. If you have ATM software, it's not horrifically painful to update your drivers and transition to another OS that will still probably run your existing code without even recompiling for another 15 years.

It's also further bullshit because while I am aware those ATMs exist, no big name bank is still using their code unmodified from 2001. The new interfaces on Chase and Bank of America ATMs is quite modern and full of features that weren't options in 2001 like check scanning. If a bank is still using 2001 ATMs they are going to lose business off of the ancient functionality more than the cost of recertifying a Windows 8.1 or 10 embedded.

Comment Re:For variable values of "faster" (Score 3, Interesting) 337

but I think we need to speed it up and "go like hell" and get off this rock even if the process is a bit dirty. I mean, what do we do when renewables aren't enough

Any and every problem we face on earth can be addressed more cheaply and reliably here on earth than sending people to another planet.

The Antarctic is full of water, it's more hospitable than Mars our only quasi hospitable nearby option and if you run low on oxygen you can open a window. Once the Killer Virus/Civil Unrest/Meteor Dust has passed you can return to the continents on an inflatable zodiac not launch a hundred billion dollar equivalent rocket mission back from Mars.

If you want to preserve the human race, it's better to have 10 isolated and easy to sustain missions than one vulnerable and barely sustainable colony that can't be easily resupplied or connected with.

Comment Re:Security (Score 2, Interesting) 123

Windows 10 embedded just like XP embedded will be abandoned in the future and every company that relied on it will be forced to replace perfectly functional hardware and software.

FUD. Microsoft provided free support for XP for 13 years. And if you want to keep support you can continue to receive support for another few years if you're willing to pay for it just costs money. Show me a Linux distribution with 15 years of free support. Long term support for Linux generally means 10 years.

Comment Re:Lipstick on a pig! (Score 2) 123

I just developed an embedded system on Open Embedded/Yocto. I don't know if I'll ever use Linux again after I can use Windows 10 IOT. Getting an embedded Linux customized and all of the necessary packages is a huge PITA. Compiling for that custom distribution image is an even larger PITA. I think I probably spent about 50% on my application and 50% on just pure bullshit trying to get it to run.

Having Visual Studio, a bullet proof build and deployment system, an easy remote debugging system and the ability to *test* on my local machine in emulation easily? SOLD.

Comment Re:COLLADA is an existing open exchange standard (Score 1) 37

But can you modify Collada references? For example if I had a collada reference to a collada file of a car can I create a collada class called "Car" that exposes functions that can be called and overridden? For instance can my car asset have a .setSpeed() function that will modify the transform matrix to move in a straight line at that velocity whenever you call car.position(10s)? (I'm not trying to be combative I'm actually curious! :D) My memory of Collada was that you could reference objects but you couldn't override a setting. So the reference was an immutable reference.

Comment Re:Nerdlinger (Score 1) 37

The scene file could be a single file or it could be numerous files. The best comparison from my understanding of USD (and Katana's 'recipes' which clearly inspired this) is to CSS. CSS can be embedded in the document or it can be referenced, or it can reference references which reference references etc. You could have a file for a wine glass, which is referenced by a group for a place setting which is referenced by a group which is a table with place settings (but override the position of the forks to randomize the place setting slightly). The table file with the randomized place setting noise can be referenced into a dining room which is itself referenced into a house which is referenced into a block full of other houses all with referenced rooms, tables, assets and primitives.

So it could be a single file with all of that or it could be thousands of files. They say they are lazy loading too which is inspired by the Alembic file format. What this means in short is that they only load into memory the exact requested data. So you can have your camera field of view loop through the USD network and determine based off of say bounding boxes everything in view and only load each leaf that is actually meeting that filter (taking into account layering overrides etc.)

Comment Re:Will this fill a gap in free software? (Score 2) 37

If they integrated this they would have a vastly improved reference management system. However, much of what this offers probably isn't terribly useful to your average Blender user so it would be a total waste of time and actually just a time waster for someone who works by themselves and doesn't reference or instance assets or needs to move assets between multiple content creation packages.

Comment Re:COLLADA is an existing open exchange standard (Score 2) 37

Collada doesn't to my knowledge support inheritance and overrides. So I can't have a Collada file that modifies another Collada file which modifies a third Collada file etc.

The best comparison would be CSS vs straight HTML. With CSS you can have a style sheet that modifies a second style sheet which inherits a third style sheet which overrides the property of a fourth style sheet and so on and so forth. HTML you just have a page with markup.

Comment Re:Nerdlinger (Score 1) 37

It's like a large application where you break up different components into separate files. Your project might include thousands of source files with hundreds of developers but since it distributes the asset information you can have one person working on a set of classes and functions while another person works on a UI that calls those classes or functions simultaneously.

In this instance you can be editing in different 'contexts' aka you can be in a 3D modeling application sculpting an asset while a lighter references that model in their set. Conversely the modeler can continue to sculpt while using the lighter's lights.

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