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Comment: Failure rate? (Score 1) 308

by ilsaloving (#47764057) Attached to: Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

After having 5 seagate drives fail all within one year, including a momentous xt that died 2 weeks after I got it, it's replacement died a week after that, and THAT replacement died last week (less than 6 months across all three), I will never buy seagate again.

They are peddling crap, and I'm surprised they haven't been hit with a class action lawsuit yet.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 1) 735

by ilsaloving (#47705447) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban


If I say a colour is one shade of red and you say it's a different shade, that's a disagreement.

Trying to deny another human being from living in an equal capacity from you for no reason other than their choice in sexual partners, is bigotry. It is hate.

The fact that you can't tell the difference between the two just proves my point.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 1) 735

by ilsaloving (#47705387) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

What do you mean by "wasn't"? The vast majority of the world *still* is not accepting of homosexual behaviour. There are countries that murder homosexuals for no other reason than they are homosexual. Heck, look at what Uganda is doing. And note that it was people from the US that put them down that path.

Racism was supposed to have been extinguished, but it's still rampant. Same with genderism, and countless other isms.

The world we live in is a very scary place, because people are care more about hating each other than working together, and I don't see that ever changing.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 2, Insightful) 735

by ilsaloving (#47702975) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

You can't.

You *can* however, make it very clear that such behaviour is no longer acceptable in civilized society.

The human population on this planet is now well over 8 billion strong. It is virtually impossible for people to not run into each other, and only slightly less impossible to not run into people that you *choose* to despise.

It's well past time that we grow the f__k up, for our own safety. But people being people, I have zero faith in that actually happening.

Comment: *sigh* (Score 2) 179

by ilsaloving (#47695989) Attached to: Xiaomi's Next OS Looks Strikingly Similar To iOS

Why is it that whenever Apple comes up with something, every else has to copy it (although Microsoft may have started this fad of flatness, I can't remember the timeline anymore)?

Apple is not the be all and end all of industrial design. This fad of flatness is really annoying, and IMO counter intuitive. It's no longer clear what widget is a button, for example. The user now has to guess, based on proximity of a given thingy to the other thingies on the screen.

When the gumdrop iMacs came out, I was eeing transluscent plastic micro waves, clothes irons, you name it.

Thank Dog that companies haven't en masse copied Apple mouse designs. Half the continent would have RSI by the end of the month.

Comment: Re:I like... (Score 2) 179

by ilsaloving (#47695893) Attached to: Xiaomi's Next OS Looks Strikingly Similar To iOS

I have to agree. I found Miui significantly more straight forward to use than stock android, and infinitely better than those half-assed UIs that various android manufacturers feel compelled to slap on top.

Is it a rip off of iOS? Maybe. Do I care? Not in the slightest.

Under the hood, a phone may be a full fledged computer with linux, but that doesn't mean I want to use it like one.

Comment: Good luck (Score 4, Insightful) 426

I remember using ie4 on a sun Solaris box a long time ago. I was thrilled, because it was light years ahead of mosaic and Netscape.

Now? I don't care how good it is. I will never use it again. Microsoft's long established contempt for its users, laws, and even international standards bodies have guaranteed that I will never put anything even resembling trust in them ever again.

Comment: I'd have to agree (Score 1) 299

by ilsaloving (#47665911) Attached to: Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites

With the sole exception of Slashdot, and The Register, I hate reading comments on articles. They're, at best, a minute fraction better than the comments you see on youtube videos....

And I think this article explains very well why comments, or modern day public discussions in general, are crap:

When Dexter's on the Internet, can Hell be far behind?"