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Comment: Hardly surprising (Score 4, Interesting) 48

by ilsaloving (#49361317) Attached to: Startups Increasingly Targeted With Hacks

What's the demographic of the people running these startups? People who have grown up in the Web 2.0 age that think they know better than older folk that have already run into these situations and come up with means to mitigate them. Because it's "old" it's bad and has to be thrown away and discarded.

Having worked with some of these people first hand, my level of contempt for these webscale "developers" knows no bounds. It's like working with 15 year olds who think they know how the world works and complain bitterly that their parents are holding them back. Their a testament to Dunning and Kruger.

I've been pushing back at our company against using all these saas because this sort of situation is just going to keep happening, and undoubtedly escalate, all because webscale developers arrogantly dismiss the lessons of the past.

(eg: I actually had someone tell me that they refused to use port 80 because it was "against modern development practises". I'm pretty sure I physically felt several brain cells shrivel up and die when I heard that. They also refuse to use version control and branching because merges are "too problematic".)

Comment: Re:Nor will we ever be (Score 1) 140

by ilsaloving (#49287317) Attached to: Gates: Large Epidemics Need a More Agile Response

What citations could you possibly need? Haven't you read the news at any point in the past several years?

Large swaths of North America have had almost zero cases for a couple of decades. And in the course of the last decade or so, we've gone from that to vilifying disneyland for being a disease vector, and clumps of outbreaks have been appearing in various major population centres, especially around those where the anti-vaxxer movements have been highest.

I'm not going to waste my time spoonfeeding you information when you're literally one google search away from finding it yourself.

Comment: Re:those anti-vaxer idiots (Score 1) 140

by ilsaloving (#49287257) Attached to: Gates: Large Epidemics Need a More Agile Response

Actually, there IS a very good reason. It's called insurance, because shit happens. There will be a small segment of people who react badly to vaccines, because there are small segments of people who react badly to all sorts of ridiculous things, from onions to sunlight.

Unfortunately, a majority of these people don't even know until AFTER they've already been exposed and go into anaphylactic shock or worse.

But the benefit to getting the entire population vaccinated is so overwhelmingly great that the idea of NOT vaccinating people is just ludicrously irresponsible, so this little insurance fund was set up to help those that draw the short stick.

Comment: Nor will we ever be (Score 2) 140

by ilsaloving (#49284617) Attached to: Gates: Large Epidemics Need a More Agile Response

We will never be prepared for a global epidemic as long as anti-scientific morons are able to influence and/or dictate policy.

For example: The vaccination efforts of the last century have effectively been wiped out thanks to the idiotic anti-vaxxer movement, causing measles cases to surge, and are continuing to increase. I'm planning on talking to my doctor about the possibility of a measles booster just to keep my family safe.

And then there's the whole Thimerosol thing, which single-handedly destroyed our ability to easily distribute vaccines en masse. All because some assholes with zero chemistry knowledge freaked out because there was a mercury atom in the molecule. It doesn't occur to these people that if they took common table salt and consumed their component elements, your body would dissolve, punctuated by explosions.

So no, I expect that we are going to see more and more small epidemics of various diseases, and it's probably going to get significantly worse, all thanks to uneducated morons who think their ignorance has the same weight as hard-won knowledge.

Comment: First saw this on IFLScience (Score 1) 447

by ilsaloving (#49245939) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions

I saw this article first on IFLScience, and wowee... the comments were the equivalent of repeatedly thwacking multiple hornets nests with sticks. The sheer number of people up in arms about this study is jawdropping.

While not really surprising, it is depressing. Especially when you consider the fact that the majority of people who were outraged had no idea what homeopathy actually was. Countless comments about how willow bark, st. johns wort, etc worked for them and therefore the study was just a big conspiracy by big pharma, etc. They were completely oblivious to the fact that what they were talking about wasn't even homeopathy.

I'm torn between wanting to try to educate these people, or just declaring it a lost cause and troll them until they burst a blood vessel or something.

Comment: Can't help but laugh (Score 4, Interesting) 127

by ilsaloving (#49210269) Attached to: Lenovo Still Shipping Laptops With Superfish

I'm seeing so many posts about how people "will never buy from Lenovo again because they can't be trusted" etc etc, and can't help shrug cynically.

I wonder how many of these same people buy Sony products despite not just one, but an entire string of blatantly anti-consumer decisions (of which the rootkit CDs were just one)

Or Microsoft, which has a very long history of not just anti-consumer, but crushing the PC industry and suberting entire standards bodies. But in the last couple years they've thrown a few open source bones... yeah that totally makes up for the last 20+ years of damage they have caused.

So yeah, I hope everyone gets to enjoy their collective outrage while it lasts, cause before you know it you'll find your comments will get modded troll by people who think you're just overreacting.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -- Albert Einstein