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Comment: Blame? (Score 0) 357

by ilovegeorgebush (#34062098) Attached to: Facebook Adds Friend Stalker Tool
Stop blaming facebook!

They're merely capitalising on the realities of the relationships that we give them. Blaming them each and every time a new feature is added that is simple common sense and intelligent programming/design/utilisation of the information we permit they use is childish; if we didn't use these tools then they wouldn't feel obliged to innovate and refresh their featureset.

Comment: Sick? (Score 3, Insightful) 57

by ilovegeorgebush (#31307596) Attached to: Hackers Target Tsunami Search Results
Not only do I think this is a little sick on the part of the blackhats, but it does pose some other concerns.

Firstly, are the media going to pick up on this and if they do, will they spin it as an opportunity to bad-mouth the Web and its communities, as well as encourage talk of "tougher rules" and the like.

Since this is a JS vulnerability, I'd certainly like to see more discussion and thought around how seriously we take JS integration on the web and how we approach it as a core target for evil-doers to exploit. Could more be done?

Lastly, how are the web search engines going to react? Could more things like this call for censorship of Google, Yahoo etc; or at least more claims for 'responsibility of the search engines'?

Comment: Obligatory (Score 3, Interesting) 675

by ilovegeorgebush (#30878578) Attached to: Mozilla's VP of Engineering On H.264
It really frustrates me that a technology created and owned by someone (MPEG) and otherwise unrelated to the software created and distributed by another (Firefox) is by proxy restricting success and future adoption.

It is so utterly archaic and unfair that this is allowed to continue; MPEG-LA have the industry by its consumers by their collective balls.

Comment: Re:Nicely put (Score 2) 364

by ilovegeorgebush (#30825468) Attached to: Why "Running IT As a Business" Is a Bad Idea
I write in Java, Python, Perl, SQL, Unix Bash, Javascript, (then the usual markup languages). Nowhere do I mention any languages nor the dreaded PHP.

10 years in Fortran programming 30 years ago doesn't amount to anything when the platform and its consumers are so different. Concepts may transcend the barrier, as may approaches to the actual programming, but the rest does not translate or relate.

"Indecision is the basis of flexibility" -- button at a Science Fiction convention.