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User Journal

illuminata's Journal: Hopefully This Title Won't Get Changed... 2

Journal by illuminata
Well, turns out I ended up getting a story on the main page, entitled The Politics of the Video Game. However, that was not the one I chose for the story. The title I came up with was Are Politics in Video Games Plaguing Your Brain? The title that michael gave my article was the same as the linked article's subtitle.

I'm just curious, is it pretty standard for an editor to change the title of your article around here?
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Hopefully This Title Won't Get Changed...

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  • by Shakrai (717556)

    I've had two successful submissions (and three rejections) and they never changed mine. One of my submissions was posted by Michael.

    There are many complaints against him but I don't think you can complain too much about changing the title of a story. That's the editor's prerogative. I don't have any personal experience with some of the other beefs directed against Michael (the bitchslaps that he has been accused of doing) -- though I do tend to get a little amused when he adds his own personal opinions

    • I wasn't really complaining; I just wanted to know whether or not this has happened to others or happens often.

      However, I do think that people have the right to complain about the site, just as people have the right to complain about network television. Network television works to bring in viewers by providing programming that the masses like and makes most of their money by way of ad revenue. So, if you think something sucks, you can let it be known by complaining. If enough people or groups complain, it'

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