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Comment Re:What about the reforesting/desalination effort? (Score 1) 403

The purpose of the "seeding" in general is to put particulate matter into the clouds that act as nuclei so that the normal water vapour particles condense back out as rain. When each droplet dries there will be nanoscopic particles of salt and diatoms thrust up into the air along with the water vapour. If the salt didn't make it to the clouds then all he is doing is wasting energy, and a lot of it. How much energy does it take to mechanically vaporize "ten tons of water per second"?

The greenhouse effect of the energy expended will probably out-weigh the benefits of reflected IR light from the clouds, because a portion of the CO2 will get distributed above the lower cloud layers being created thus causing a layer of trapped heat above the clouds. When it rains we may feel a little cooler, but don't be fooled, that heat stays up there.

Cloud Seeding

Even if the intent is to have the water vapour stay up there you still have to factor in the "normal" effects of cloud seeding.

Comment Re:It's a bit early to say this is a good choice . (Score 2, Insightful) 239

This nominee has never, never, served as a judge before.

It's certainly a point worth of discussion. If the GOP or anyone else want's to say that supreme court justices have to have had judicial experience, they're free to make that case. Historically, judicial experience has not been a requirement. Some of the most effective justices have come from politics, not the court room, including John Marshall, Thurgood Marshall, and Hugo Black, and William Rehnquist. Qualifications, like the confirmation process itself may have changed after the Bork nomination, so it's a point worthy of debate.

However, you better believe that if the GOP had ideological gripes they'd trot those out well before raising issues about qualifications.

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