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Comment: Re:Obviously: (Score 2) 208

by ilikenwf (#47070353) Attached to: NSA Surveillance Reform Bill Passes House 303 Votes To 121
We need to fire everyone in Washington DC and reform the crap out of everything. Both sides are wrong here - why vote for a flawed by design bill? It only exists for political posturing for elections.

We need to remove the bureaucracy, scrap the tax law and start over, zero base budget every agency, and force everyone in DC to work for an amount that is equal to the mean wage of the nation, since they're supposedly volunteers. On top of that, Obamacare should apply to them and pensions should be removed for all of them, past present and future.

Comment: Komodo Anybody? (Score 4, Informative) 121

by ilikenwf (#46939113) Attached to: GitHub Open Sources Atom, Their Text Editor Based On Chromium

I'm here at work using it right now...anyway, Komodo runs on Linux, Mac, Windows and is based on Mozilla...it has also been free and around for quite a while...extensibility? Yep...

I don't get why everyone reinvents the wheel when they could instead make something that already exists, but is more complete better.

+ - NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day->

Submitted by ilikenwf
ilikenwf (1139495) writes "A new release from the files obtained by Edward Snowden have revealed that the NSA collects millions of text messages per day. These are used to gain travel plans, financial data, and social network data. The majority of these texts and data belong to people who are not being investigated for any crime or association. Supposedly, "non-US" data is removed, but we all know that means it is sent to a partner country for analysis, which is then sent back to the NSA."
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