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Comment: Re:I say cut the F-35 (Score 1) 484

by ilicas (#42990277) Attached to: There Is Plenty To Cut At the Pentagon
this is like saying that you'll have no trouble paying rent because you haven't over-spent your rent budget, just all the other budgets. what it comes down to is that the federal government has not plausible plan for meeting all of its financial obligations in the long run, at least no ways that don't involve dirty words like 'inflation'

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 467

by ilicas (#42855311) Attached to: What To Do When an Advised BIOS Upgrade Is Bad?
IANAL but it seems to me that that kind of advice should only result in liability if 1. if they have a duty to give you good advice or 2. if they knew or should have know that the advice was bad. If 1 is not the case then there is a whole lot of liability being incurred in these comment threads, for which many lawsuits could be filed If 2 is not the case then whenever a patient responds badly to a treatment administered by a doctor, even when the doctor does everything right (within the limits of current medical knowledge), he could be held liable for the negative outcome. Neither seem like particularly good options to me.

Comment: Re:Actually a competitor sold out ... (Score 2) 143

by ilicas (#42636577) Attached to: How Apple Killed an iTunes Competitor
I think the difference between AC's position and perp's is not whether there is culpability. But where it lies. Did the Lala execs have a duty to continue to ensure good service to their customers? Did apple acquire that responsibility when it acquired the company? Did the Lala execs divest themselves of responsibility when they divested themselves of the company?

To me, at least, it is quite unclear who bears what responsibility to whom (outside of those responsibilities which are clearly delineated in contracts).

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