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Comment: From an MBA, PHB.... (Score 1) 971

by iknownuttin (#22851254) Attached to: Does It Suck To Be An Engineering Student?
... you don't have a clue regarding the behavior of the stock market but you have full control over your wallet.,

Nobody does, but the guy who's great at acting like he knows makes the bucks. (exception, sort of: See Kramer "Mad Money" guy - he explains that he kind of knows what's going on but he breaths, eats, sleeps, shits, fucks, the stock market.)

... you still haven't understood why not the whole world has gone metric yet.

Neither do I.

.. you understand the futility of software patents.

I don't understand, but I think leaving then just to copyright is the right thing. Please don't ask me to reason it out other than I "think" it like the written word.

... the dude that didn't start to study engineering now is the dude that has five years of work experience and is hiring you when you have finished.

Like the college drop-outs who make it really big: Gates, Jobs, Cuban, etc...and there's the guy who went to 2 year college and has a $3 million tile store argggg! I'm with you.

... that you fail to understand why energy-efficient technology is taxed harder than technology that wastes energy.

With you there.

... for a party you calculate the "bang for the bucks" party when buying the alcohol and forget about the taste.

Not just engineers, sorry.

... you can calculate the distance to a star but fails to understand the astrological terms that the girl of your life is talking about.

I'm sure you've figured this out: you don't need to; just listen to her.

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