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Comment: Re:OGG = MP3 (Score 1) 111

by ikirudennis (#36864166) Attached to: Google Music Adds Linux, Ogg Vorbis Support
While it is a little silly (for multiple reasons) to transcode ogg, in my experience, oggs look more like lossless codecs that just have a more finely tuned filter on low volume sounds. MP3 throws out the high frequency spectrum to lose data, where ogg just throws out low amplitude data. Image compression analogy: mp3 is like changing the image resolution, ogg is like the full scale original just with some of the dark sections set to #000000 instead of something like #010101.

Comment: What happened to America? (Score 1) 395

by ikirudennis (#36863778) Attached to: Online Call To Shoot President Ruled Free Speech
Does anyone remember the outcry about civility in political discourse when Gabby Giffords was shot? Am I the only one who seems to recall that threatening to kill the president was considered a serious breach of conduct? I'm not trying to argue that we should all fall in line with what's going on in government. I'm just trying to ask: what happened to America that we lost all sense of civility when it comes to politics?

Comment: Re:Um (Score 2) 118

by ikirudennis (#36714440) Attached to: Diver Snaps First Photo of Fish Using Tools

If there was ambiguity before (and I'm not saying there was), your suggestion does nothing to remove it. It could still be describing a situation where the diver's camera is (for some reason) being pointed out as a tool.

My point was that not only is the perceived ambiguity stupid but that there's almost no way to completely solve it. Language can be ambiguous at times, and there's not a whole lot anyone can do about it. Get over it.

Comment: Re:Simple reason: Nobody wants security (Score 1) 159

by ikirudennis (#36610644) Attached to: The Lesson of Recent Hacktivism
The problem is actually that the internet/http was never designed for security. We've just managed to hack some semblance of security on top of it, but ultimately, it's always going to be insecure to some degree. If we really want a secure internet it will likely have to be redesigned from the ground up.

Comment: Re:Can't switch 'til delicious add-on works (Score 1) 554

by ikirudennis (#35580024) Attached to: Firefox 4 Released!
I've been using the betas for a little while and tried to use the delicious add-on while disabling the compatibility check. It would work for a while and then start dumping lots of messages to syslog, jamming up the firefox process so that nothing would load. I posted to the delicious add-on's forum about this issue but have had no response from support yet. You're correct, changing the setting in about config should suffice, but in this case it does not.

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