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Comment Re:One possible argument for lunar industrializati (Score 1) 104

it'd be a waste of time, the best ground based telescopes (read: largest) can still only obtain a resolution down to 500m. You're not spotting the landing stage of A11, but under certain conditions (local sunset) you can make out the long shadow it throws. here is a shot from the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter from an altitude of 15 miles of the A11 site. Note the lack of shadow from the flag - it was blown over by the exhaust from the ascent stage.

Comment Re:One possible argument for lunar industrializati (Score 1) 104

there is an extremely tenuous atmosphere on the Moon, which all but doubled in density in the early 1970s - albeit temporarily. It does nothing to slow down interplanetary dust which smacks into the surface at orbital speed. Enough of that plows into a mirror, you've got a wrecked mirror.

Comment in common with all other multinationals (Score 1) 147

Amazon don't give a fuck for their customer base. They know that no matter how much you bitch, you'll always be first in line to by their next generation piece of shit gadget, warts and all, because you're fucking addicted to one-upping him/her next door.

I'm not. My phone is a dozen years old and I'll use it until it breaks. My next one is already lined up: it's another V3.

Comment hub power (Score 1) 148

I've had similar issues with flash drives. I'm one of those nerds who like to load external hubs with older flash drives and thrash them until they die. Thing is, they all need power. USB2 spec is 0.5A per port, but if you're running a passive hub off one port, each port on that hub has to share the power available. Eight hub ports splitting that half an amp can get a bit tricky, especially on USB2. Usually what happens is it hits a low threshold and drops to USB1.1 which requires less power to run.

On the same subject, Win7 seems to be a bit broken when it comes to USB power management (device sleep/standby), I have external hard drives randomly go into standby mode (it's irregular and unpredictable) which occasionally results in bugchecks.

Comment Re:thus we continue into the death spiral (Score 1) 64

1. invasive.
2. Be ready for lots of "Fuck off out of my face or I'll make you eat your nose, you fucking Nazi."
3. Be ready for lots of "Fuck off out of my face and stick your voucher up your arse as far as it'll go, and make sure there's enough room for my fist because that's going up there as well to rip out your spine."

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 222

World Of Tanks. Getting matched in random battles is more miss than hit that you'll get a decent team. Most of the time you're getting matched with assholes who think random firing is fun and they seem to completely get off on team kills. Really, the only way you're going to guarantee that at least a fifth of your team aren't going to do that to you is find a few players you trust, add them to your contact list and platoon up when you're online at the same time. Or, go into Team Battles (it's a point-based build system which uses tank tiers to figure how many tanks you have in your squad) and pretty much guarantee you're not going to get Ninja'd every match because in the rare event that a NBS does make it in the squad, he'll be rooted out and shitlisted ricky tick.

Comment Re: gwx_control_panel (Score 1) 581

new versions of Windows don't run on a lot of my hardware (UEFI vs. BIOS (APM vs. ACPI)). I'm not about to bin it just because hte lastest greatest shiny piece of shitware doesn't run on it. Same as I don't throw my toolbox just because my Sidchrome kit doesn't all fit in it. I use the toolbox for something else (like my bitdriver and heads) and use the wallhanger for the wrenches.

There's keeping up then there's being too fucking broke to waste gear like that. I'll use my computers like I use my tools: until they break. Which could be far into the future. I have a rip saw that's older than my children, it still cuts through fifty year old apple trees then breezes through MDF like it was just waking up.

Comment Re: gwx_control_panel (Score 1) 581

I would like to see a full sized LEGO house. It would be an interesting project: interlocking bricks that don't need mortar, that lock under their own weight, that trap a substantial layer of air in pockets which adds yet another layer of insulation, all for just one brick pattern. Given the right material, it could potentially last practically "forever" (EFGV).

Comment Re:Fractals and chaos (Score 1) 238

FractINT, a floating point fractal generator released back in the dark days when shareware was a thing and distribution was via floppy disk (actually, the first version was 1988, before a lot of you were born), is still maintained, and unbelievably, still free.

IIRC Tim Wegner still maintains a full archival mirror. The root of the project resides here.

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