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Comment: oh jeez. (Score 1) 140

by ihtoit (#49384057) Attached to: World's Largest Aircraft Seeks Investors To Begin Operation

Hindenberg was full of flammable hydrogen. Helium is not flammable. No crewed or uncrewed airship in service today uses hydrogen for buoyancy - FAA regulations prohibit it.

884283: a 747-400 cruises at just shy of Mach 1 (actually 0.855, or 920km/h/570mph) at 35,000 feet (10700m). LTOL (Laden Takeoff/Landing) speed is 250kt. That's shy of 290mph. 80kt=92mph. Not legal anywhere really apart from the German Autobahn and certified race tracks (most places in the US are limited to 55mph and the UK has a (laughable) limit if 70. I say laughable because it's less a limit, more a goal - most roads you'll be lucky if you hit 40).

+ - #EWastegate: Nigerian ExPat TV repairman still in UK jail despite retraction->

Submitted by retroworks
retroworks writes: What could possibly be worse than dumping 75%-80% of obsolete used "e-waste" in African dumps to be burned by children scavenging wires? What could be worse than violating international law?

How about lying that the crimes occurred in the first place?

Ghanain Emmanuel Nyaletey, an electronics repair technician who grew up a few blocks away from Agbogbloshie, has published an editorial questioning why the press has failed to correct its false reporting on the "e-waste export crisis". In April, Nyaletey will fly back to Ghana, with reporters, working on a documentary of the "e-waste hoax".

Seven months after the prison sentence for UK-based, Nigerian born TV repairman Joe Benson, the original source (Basel Action Network) of the "world's largest e-waste dump" story (Agbogbloshie scrapyard in Accra, Ghana) denies ever, ever stating that it has knowledge of foreign dumping in Africa. After the Guardian and the Independent and BBC ran stories claiming to follow "cut wires", UNEP studies of the "seized containerloads" found a range of 85%-93% of used electronics imported to Ghana and Nigeria were repaired or reused. The UN funded study found that the used electronics were more likely to be used than brand new product (raising questions of how much ESD "waste" is being resold after warranty return), that cities in Emerging Markets were generating up to 1/3 per capita as much electronic scrap as OECD nations (which would make them a larger net source than the West). Further, the study found that "geeks of color" like Nyaletey who repair and repurpose western imports earn six times more than the national average wages for their home nation (Nigeria, Ghana studies). Nyaletey painstakingly documents the findings from the 2011 and 2012 UN funded studies, and questions why white environmentalists are still trying to "save Africa" from reuse and repair.

2012 Study of Nigeria "E-Waste Assessment"
2011 Study of Ghana "E-Waste Assessment"

While the environmental organization BAN now denies being the source of the "80% waste" statistic, Memorial University researcher Josh Lepawsky has tracked the organizations orphaned statistic through peer-reviewed reports on "e-waste exports" over the past 15 years, and found it to be one of the most frequent citations in scholarly research on the topic.

If not from western "waste ships", what IS the source of the electronics shown at the African dumps? Cities like Accra and Lagos have millions of households with television (and refrigerators, and computers, etc.). World Bank estimated in 2003 that Nigeria had over 6 million households with television. Twenty six percent of Ghana households had televisions 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, 3 separate documentaries are in the works based on interviews with "Hurricane" Joe Benson. Benson has provided documentation that his cost of shipping, per unit, was much greater than scrap value, and has documented how he returned unrepairable appliances back to UK recycling centers free of charge, saying there is no earthly motive to ship waste. A petition to #freejoebenson will be circulated by Nyaletey in Ghana, and is now available online

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Comment: speech recognition (Score 1) 100

by ihtoit (#49257671) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mouse/Pointer For a Person With Poor Motor Control

is hte first and most ovbious answer that springs to mind. Not to plug or anything, but Nuance leads the pack with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Version 10 is the best so far (yep, even better than v13), it has a very easy interface and it learns rapidly.

Comment: Re:Is this anything to do with the Garner case? (Score 1) 135

by ihtoit (#49257035) Attached to: Wikipedia Entries On NYPD Violence Get Some Edits From Headquarters

was there an arrest warrant, though? Was she the subject of a special BOLO briefing back at the precinct earlier that day, which would explain why the cops didn't even bother to check their computer bulletin before they beat the living shit out of her?

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