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Comment Re:Only Greenland? (Score 1) 234

what they don't take into account is the amount of sea ice that reforms during local Winter.
Or the fact that in Summer in the Northern hemisphere, it's Winter in the South and vice versa.
Plus they ignore data prior to 1976 for the simple reason that according to them it's not accurate enough when the truth is it doesn't fit their model.

Comment Re:No progress in this industry (Score 1) 359

I thought the F150 was the most popular model ever sold?

But yeah, its simple functionality and no-fucking-about way of carrying three generations from A to B without you having to worry about whether Scotty pulled regulator fuses before you try and kick in the warp drive, is more of a comfort than any "perk" anyone could *add* to a vehicle.

Comment Re:Another deflationary pressure on oil prices. (Score 1) 100

I dunno, is the roof of a tractor trailer big enough to hold a thirty by seventy foot solar array? I can see it working for houses, ten joined terraces has got to be larger than that in roof area, even flat roofs (I'm going by my shoebox which is typically sized for a 1960s midterrace town house in England, at 70 feet deep and twelve wide including the garage - with that kind of efficiency you'd only need to cover 30% of existing roofs to meet the entire domestic power demand), but then you've got infrastructure to deal with as well: converters, storage, isolators...

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 277

you could. The Dell Dimension XPS P60 (BIOS timestamp 1995 so it was definitely out then, that's a reflash I did in 2004) shipped with 8MB, maxed at 64MB but you could use a PCI daughterboard (it had 5 PCI and 1 ISA slot) to crank it up to 160MB. Mine now has a total of 80MB (originally shipped in 1996 with 8MB but the first thing I did was upgrade it to 48) - 64 onboard and 16 on the daughterboard.

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 277

in 1995, according to my Autumn 1995 copy of PC Magazine, your basic Windows-ready PC had:

4-8MB RAM, price difference $400
400MB-1GB hard drives, difference $200
14-17" CRT monitor, difference $400
video adapter: 1MB VGA to 12MB coprocessor and MPEG decoder: difference upwards of $1200
sound: $25 basic 2-channel lagfest up to SB16 (all the rage for serious users in 1995 who wanted to HEAR Day Of The Tentacle) for $350
modem: 14.4-28.8kbaud, if you can find one you got 56k as well but be prepared to pay in solid gold for one of those, a 28.8 would hurt you for $100
CDROM: double speed do you for $380

A basic build with 95 OEM would be a mortgage deal - a cloth-touching $4,000. Max it all and you're reaching for $6,000.

In 1995, according to a poll by AOL, 32% of American households had at least one PC and 12 million Americans were online. In 2010, every household in America had at least one internet capable device (phone and/or PC), 3/4 of all adults had a portable media player, and the number of Americans who were online was expressed as a percentage: 78.6%.

Globally now, it is estimated that there is one internet-capable phone for every human on Earth.

The Shuttle is now going five times the sound of speed. -- Dan Rather, first landing of Columbia