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Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 164

I spend £10 a year.

If it weren't for the fact that occasionally I have to actually make a call or send a text, the only requirement for a carrier to maintain a number is that it receives a call once every six months. My GO phone hasn't been topped up in nine years, it's still got £48.85 credit on it out of the £50 I put on in 2006 and the SIM is still live because I give it a squirt charge every 4 weeks and dropcall it while it's doing that..

Comment Re:ZTE... (Score 1) 164

My phone does everything I want it to, it's five years old and is probably due a replacement battery since standby time is down to just shy of 100 hours.

(in case you don't want to click: it's an F930 that cost me £32.99 new on Three PAYG, it's still on Three and since they stopped doing all-you-can-eat data packages on PAYG last month, will probably get topped up by £10 a year now. The phone has an unspecified processor, quad band/HSPA (which means 3G@7Mbps yeah baby! Rare in 2010 for ANY phone), QVGA screen@167ppi (320x240, 2.4"), Bluetooth, MicroSDHC, standard headphone socket(!), standard MicroUSB charging/data/tether port (it will also tether over Bluetooth but 2MBit with lots of packet retransmission makes lag a pig to deal with) and that factory 1000mA battery which originally lasted a week and a half on standby).

Comment Re:Market share != $$ (Score 1) 164

it is when you consider that Samsung make components for Apple phones. They sell components and assemblies (eg memory and CPU packages, boards, camera sensors, what-have-you) to Apple: profit for Samsung. Apple put the phones together and sell the hardware on: profit for Apple.

Thank you, come again.

Comment Re:At how many kbps? (Score 1) 198

I can't grasp how vector is any good for motion pictures at all. Sure, it's good for rendering animations and scaling graphics but for "live action" motion pictures? You're going to want bitmaps or you're going to lose a LOT of detail.

Great for episodes of The Moomins and Dangermouse and early South Park, not so great for oh lemme think, Star Trek: Renegades (great movie-turned-pilot, by the way, recommended viewing for any even transient Trek fan or anyone who remembers who Herbert Jefferson Jr. is. Mary Young is still hot, by the way).

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