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Comment Re:The mental health system needs fixing! (Score 1) 1146

the Second Amendment to the Constitution was designed to reflect Clause 61 Magna Carta: the right of the Citizen to remove bad Government by LAWFUL means. The only difference being that the Constitution allows for the substitution of the pen, with arms. I think it's a great idea. It's a great fucking timesaver and should be used as designed rather than as an excuse to be waving around Glocks.

Comment Re:Call me when this doesn't (Score 1) 307

but.. but... but you're pushing Hosts like it's a fucking miracle cure for all ills! You mean it CAN'T do what I'm asking? A simple preventative measure that instead I have to go through all that bullshit to stop?

Fuck Hosts. It's fucking useless.

(you honestly think if it were ANY good EVERYBODY would be using it? You wouldn't even have to spam it. It comes with Windows yet people go elsewhere for the functionality you promise! What a fucking joke you are and what a fucking colourless pachyderm Hosts is. Fuck off from my thread).

You will lose an important tape file.