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Comment: Re:Let's gt to the extreme. (Score 1) 53

by ihtoit (#49778653) Attached to: Sniffing and Tracking Wearable Tech and Smartphones

TIA doesn't mean what I think you think it means. It's not personal knowledge of what information about you is going where, it's about the fact that every single little facet of your life, right down to how runny your shit is, is/will be being recorded and made money on for somebody else. That somebody else controls YOUR information. You don't even KNOW what and how much information about you is being gathered every second of every day and where it is going. Even trying to opt out of the system is information that someone can use. Simply not interacting with the system is probably the only way to minimise the amount of information you put out, but that might involve a sendep tank in a super secret facility that not even God knows about.

Comment: Re:Windows XP, not Linux (Score 1) 82

by ihtoit (#49773979) Attached to: Attackers Use Email Spam To Infect Point-of-Sale Terminals

that wasn't the question, but OK :)

I've dealt with POS systems myself, as recently as 2007. From the ground up, and using hardware supplied by the client, I ended up with a custom NT4 build (needed for the barcode scanner, I wasn't about to drop a DOS based system on it), connected to a SuSE backend and airgapped from the Internet. The NT system ran on 16MB of RAM, and last time I looked (2013) it was still running on the same system build, same hardware and same backend. With eight simple rules the client has never had a problem with the system - he's had to replace one barcode scanner.

1. There is one USB port, and that is on the backend machine.
2. That port is for one data drive that is supplied with the system.
3. When you plug that data drive in, the system copies the data you need itself. When the red light goes out, unplug the drive.
4. When you've done with the data on the drive (ie when you've emailed it from another machine), format the drive*.
5. Nothing else ever gets plugged into that USB port.
6. No other data ever gets written onto that USB drive.
7. There is no network port on the NT box. Don't ever install one.
8. There is no network port on the backend system. Don't ever install one.

*The backend box formatted the drive on insertion anyway prior to the data write, this just gave the client some sense of interaction.

Comment: Re:bluetooth (Score 1) 53

by ihtoit (#49773929) Attached to: Sniffing and Tracking Wearable Tech and Smartphones

you don't use Bluetooth which works on the same 2.4GHz band as wifi, but you'll use wifi which works on the same 2.4GHz band as Bluetooth.

Sounds legit.

(for myself, I tend not to use anything which radiates for a return signal these days, instead preferring to trail a 50m cable around the house for internet access and the phone is either wired landline or wired headset for the cellphone which I don't carry on me anyway, and when it is in use it sits on the desk. I consider Bluetooth to be such a serious security risk I physically disable it when I find it by removing the card (if it's in a laptop), or I flash it to useless (easily done on a phone, older firmwares generally don't have functional Bluetooth drivers). Wifi is easily disabled, generally that's a case of simply shoving a pin through the cable).

Comment: Re:Let's gt to the extreme. (Score 1) 53

by ihtoit (#49773895) Attached to: Sniffing and Tracking Wearable Tech and Smartphones

the Internet of Everything starts with everything else and ends with permanent and persistent tracking of humans from the second their skin hits air to the second they expire. You have two choices here: accept the inevitability of this march to not only total information awareness but total corporate control over that information and total monetisation of that information entirely at your expense, or simply say "NO, I WILL NOT BE WIRED, TRACKED, NUMBERED, SERIALISED, SOLD, COMMODITISED OR ELECTRONICALLY CONSTRAINED".

I know which I'm picking.

Comment: Re:terrible idea, already fucked up (Score 2) 248

by ihtoit (#49773839) Attached to: Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn

I shot a documentary with the father of a little girl who had been abducted by two social workers and four police officers in Suffolk; we had his evidence in the video, we had a prima facie case against the State for child trafficking - we only did the video because the police didn't want to know and neither did the criminal courts, but they sure had something to say when the video went up. Something about bringing harm to MY family. Next thing I know, my primary blog is taken down by Wordpress, my Youtube accounts are shitcanned and I'm getting angry phone calls from colleagues over in Canada saying that they're getting pressure to remove content with me in it.

Comment: Re:Windows XP, not Linux (Score 2) 82

by ihtoit (#49773775) Attached to: Attackers Use Email Spam To Infect Point-of-Sale Terminals

because word macros are still fundamentally tied to the way the kernel works with metafiles (ie the first thing it does with any binary object is try to execute it), and Windows xp comes wth an email client installed by default (Outlook Express) which for some unknown reason and unlike earlier versions of Windows (any from the 9x stable spring to mind) you can't deselect it from optional component install.

Comment: Re:Great Recession part II? (Score 1) 736

by ihtoit (#49773001) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

no, Cyprus was made an example of because their Government told the banks to go fuck themselves if they thought they were just going to sign over billions of Euro worth of privately owned assets (read: homes) and forget the fraud ever happened. The ECB instead had private bank accounts seized to cover the bailout, and anyone with less than the equivalent 100k euro in their accounts lost the LOT.

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