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Comment Re:Wake up, Mozilla morons (Score 1) 180

It might be possible that you're suffering from an operating system driver problem, e.g. from your graphics driver. It's worth checking if there is a graphics driver update available for your system.

It's persisted through multiple driver updates and indeed multiple graphics cards. It's probably related to some plugin, but why should a plugin even know that the system has been suspended?

Comment Re:The resources of my computer are going to waste (Score 2) 180

The biggest hurdle they have to cross with solving those problems right now is: addons. Yes, that's right, addons are keeping us from having the performance/multi-process upgrades we so desire in Firefox, because so many of them were written to depend on a slow and single-process Firefox.

Nonsense. You just announce that a new version is coming that will not support the old addons, and start releasing alphas a year (or so) before actually abandoning the old browser for the new one so that people have time to port the popular plugins.

Comment Probably not that useful in the end (Score 1) 34

Multiple monitors pretty much give you the same thing. VR is useful when you're working on something you can walk around, but since there's really no such thing as a natural walking controller that truly naturally emulates a space larger than your available playroom, it's not really sensible here. We already have tools for moving around 3d spaces that we're not actually in, and they work pretty well.

A creature modeling tool that lets you work in a VR space is useful. A level modeling tool that does the same is a lot less so.

Comment Re:limit (Score 2) 37

That's cool, but my understanding is that the limit on processor speed isn't the switching speed, we've had transistors that switch at 600GHz for a while now. The problem is making good wires to connect them together, while dissipating heat.

Well, no. The problem is that was a PoC, and they hadn't even developed a single multi-gate circuit by the time you posted that article. We do not have 600GHz transistors. They are coming, eventually. Even when they do, they may or may not be good for making VLSI ICs with, which remains to be seen. Maybe they'll only be useful as signal amplifiers in the end, and we'll have to go optical to improve computing performance.

Comment Re:Newbie question (Score 3, Interesting) 80

Make no mistake, though, Docker is the way of the future and will put a lot of people in this forum out of a job.

Yea, you're not really a grey beard if you make stupid statements like that.

Adding another layer of virtualization to our existing stack with several layers already in it isn't going to magically make things better.

In the last 10 years I've seen the same web server go from running on bare metal to running under 4 layers of hypervisor by the time you get to the docker container ... and you know what ... now that server farm takes 3 times as many people to run because you still need the apache guys ... and you still need the linux guys ... but now you need the docker guys, the vmware guys, and somebody who can coordinate the whole fucking mess.

So lets look at this we went from:

Hardware -> Linux -> AppVM running Apache (1 layer of address translation, the AppVM/Linux kernel boundary)


Hardware -> Linux -> KVM -> Linux -> Docker -> Linux -> AppVM running Apache (thats 5 layers of translation ... Yes, thats REALLY what most people using Docker will do)

Yea, thats definitely going to put people out of work ... its easy to understand.

Docker is another example of people doing something because they figured out how to do it, not because they actually should do it. Worse still, Docker is a solution to the fact that Linux is a mess from a file system perspective where everyone just dumps all their bins, system or 3rd party all in the same directories, all together. And then they make fun of Windows like System32 is different than /usr/lib on any given Linux box. System or app config files ... ALL of them are in /etc ... WTF? You know theres this /usr/local idea right? You know that you can put libs in the same directory as the application and then you don't have to run a VM to get the same sort of separation right? I mean seriously, you can't call yourself a grey beard and say Docker is good at the same time, you just admit you have no fucking clue how to be an admin or how docker works.

And you're conflating it with systemd? Do you not have any idea what either one of them are?

Yea, I'm ranting. People who think Docker is good are idiots, typically developers trying to be sys admins, or 'DevOps' as they call it ... and they're clueless and don't understand wtf they are doing. Its not Dockers fault. 'Zones' are something Solaris has had for years, and they weren't new when Solaris did it. Mainframes have had the concept since the 70s. The problem devs who don't know when and where to use them are just throwing them all over the place

Comment Re:Decades of makware (Score 1) 38

Some could. Amigas (and Macs too I believe?) would automatically pop up an icon for floppies when they were inserted, without needing to do anything else.

While those absolutely are technically "personal computers", everyone understands "PC" to mean "IBM PC or compatible". And yes, both Amigas and Macs had floppy detect. Actually, it was technically possible to do it on the PC as well, and ISTR some programs actually doing it. The solution to the training problem is pathetically obvious (as evinced by the fact that I figured it out while reading TFA which I just google'd) which is to train the system the first time the user successfully reads a floppy disk, and thus you know that there's a disk in the drive. But... Microsoft

Comment Re:No transit costs. (Score 1) 106

Because they will use their monopoly in the local areas to make it prohibitively expensive for anyone else to compete against them. They've already been caught throttling other providers and not themselves, again trying to push customers to their service by adding additional pains and costs to other services.

They'll make it very expensive to use Netflix, far more than is in any way justifiable, in order to drive you towards their own over priced services.

They don't get the privilege of doing so because the government granted them the monopoly. For fucks sake they didn't even pay to build out their own god damn networks, we got charged and taxed extra on our bills for fucking years for that shit.

Pull your head out of your ass, its not their network its fucking ours. Its our money that paid for it via government taxes and fees. Its our land that their lines lay in and travel over. Verizon/TWC/Comcast and the other major providers should just be dissolved and the networks become public utility. Even the fucking government wouldn't make it worse for us in this case.

Comment Re:Let vs Lets (Score 0) 119

Hello dumbass, British sites do not use American English and the opposite does not happen either. You don't like it, go make your own Slashdot instead of endlessly bitching and moaning about what the Americans have done. So the world doesn't revolve around America. Go! Go! Let us know when you're finished!

Comment Re:This is why you buy Apple (Score 2) 126

Hondas have a reputation of being more dependable (and more expensive) than their domestic counterparts.

Honda is "domestic" by most criteria. Most Honda cars sold in America, are manufactured in America, from American parts, using American labor. Also, much of their stock is owned by Americans, so the profits as well as the wages stay in America.

Comment Re:And who trusts Financial "Advisors"? (Score 1) 71

Except past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Once you subtract out fees, past performance is not even correlated with future results. You should pick the diversified fund with the lowest fees, which means an index fund. That is the right choice for 98% of investors. The other 2% don't need advisors.

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