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Comment: Re:Plugin (Score 1) 144

by igi-111 (#35911704) Attached to: RockMelt: Google Chrome, Only Better
well it's a little more than a RSS reader and a Share button, i guess it would be laggy as hell if made by a chrome extension. And after all It can be considered itself as an extension since it's compatible with all other chrome extensions(the only downside is the lack of internal flash and pdf reader, witch is normal since the base is chromium, not chrome).

Comment: What now? (Score 1) 150

by igi-111 (#35911590) Attached to: More Nintendo Console Rumors
And tomorrow they are going to say the new nintendo console is made of wood, got 7,32 screens and got some new silly codename. Seriously, those rumors are just too much, even for a nintendo console; my bet is a Wii 2 with a new amazing useless feature and a lot of casual games, who's with me?

Comment: Better than expected (Score 1) 144

by igi-111 (#35911512) Attached to: RockMelt: Google Chrome, Only Better
I just tested Rockmelt for a week or two and besides the fact that there is not Linux version yet, I love it. Just don't judge it on the "Social Browser" thing, the best feature is clearly the embed RSS reader it has which is absolutely perfect when you wanna check tons of news websites. besides, the UI design is really well made(and the embed google search makes it even smoother) and most of all, it's compatible with all chrome/chromium extensions. In my opinion its more chromium++ than a totally new browser, but since chromium is great, it's even better. Well that just what i think: go try it shashdot, it's worth it.

Comment: When is this coming out? (Score 1) 77

by igi-111 (#35611384) Attached to: Brain-Computer Interface Still Going After 1,000 Days
If it's working on a long time period, then when will this technology get common, and when are we going to see useful application(like real new computing interfaces or remotely controlled)? Does it mean that we'll be able to make artificial arms soon? Who can travel to the future and tell me if it's full of cyborgs?

Comment: IE is still not the best, but still winning... (Score 1) 1

by igi-111 (#35602704) Attached to: Why Microsoft Is Losing This Browser War
The fact is that IE is still behind the other browsers in terms of functionalities or performances, even if IE9 is a LOT faster than previous versions, it's still not a valid alternative to Firefox, Opera or Chrome/Chromium. Microsoft may be doing a lot of work to be competitive, it's not enough. And even if they had a better browser, IE still have his reputation, even if it would make no difference for a common user, someone wise enough to choose his browser is unlikely to stay with IE. But fortunately for them, most users wont or cant change, not fair but IE is still used by most people.

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