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Comment: Re:RIP, you cold cypherpunk (Score 1) 40

by iggymanz (#47899587) Attached to: Hal Finney, PGP and Bitcoin Pioneer, Dies At 58

No, brain death is the legal criteria. Cessation of heartbeat is NOT a consideration. Research the phrase "beating heart cadaver" which is medical technique sometimes used to preserve organs prior to transplant.

Those people were dead, meaning brain dead. No hope of recovery or ressurection.

Comment: Re:As a FreeBSD user (Score 1) 280

by iggymanz (#47899553) Attached to: Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

"Linux users" haven't chosen systemd. Instead some young ignorant and inexperienced hobby users with no understanding of proper engineering or the Unix Way imagine a convenient service that might be of benefit to those desktop or mobile users with no sysadmin skills, should be a standard for server systems.

Serious system admins shun and mock systemd as needlessly complicated and bloated mess.

Comment: Re:bummer (Score 0) 75

by iggymanz (#47831493) Attached to: White House Names Google's Megan Smith As CTO

not Bush's fault a damn hurricane showed up and spoiled that tried and true means of appointing cronies. You have to admit that vacant "deer in headlights" look Brownie had while corpses floated behind him in the street was priceless. Community activism is almost as good a criteria, can't wait to find out if Obama really wants to destroy ISIS or just "manage" them, or maybe just continue to tease us with the waffling.

Comment: Re:And do you know what caused THAT? (Score 1) 465

by iggymanz (#47831455) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

Winning? Losing, this admission is that models were useless, shameful the billions of dollars and euros wasted on climate models that are a farce. Finally there is hope of producing a rational model and decent science instead of the agenda driven propaganda of the IPCC

Comment: Re:Hiatus? When? (Score 1) 465

by iggymanz (#47831421) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

Be careful of multi-year averaged graphs; they are useful but the reality is 1998 was the hottest year on record. After that many near-record years happened, moreso in past. But the point is global average temperature has not been increasing year after year. Today's article is first intelligent thing I've ever seen on Slashdot in a year on climate change; most people just ape the more hysterical claims of the IPCC and their ilk.

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