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Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 150

"Finds its way in"? You may have noticed that the folks behind the French attack were born there.

As a society, France isn't doing a very good job of helping immigrants feel like Frenchman -- even two or three generations out. Meaning you get folks who feel like second-class citizens, easy to radicalize and recruit.

And, for that matter, the US has no small problem with homegrown terrorism either. Hello, Oklahoma City bombing. Hello, burning churches. Looking at terrorism as a problem that comes from outside is understating the issue.

Comment Re:This makes me want to run out and get a Blackbe (Score 1) 137

Right: they should be allowed, yet it should be impossible for them to actually do.

It's sort of like how I'm allowed to be President of the US. But unless everybody else in the world totally screws up to comically-negligent degree (what the fuck were you thinking, voting for me?!), it can't possibly happen.

Cops are allowed to travel to Alpha Centauri. FBI employees are allowed to live to be a thousand years old. NSA crackers are allowed to have unlimited antimatter-reactor energy for free. Our laws should allow all these things. Reality, though, may have something else to say about it.

Comment Re:Scale and Flotsam (Score 2) 174

While I agree that Tauriel was a Romantic Plot Tumor, I can live with that; she adds a few minutes to the movie at worst.

No, the worst offenders were those long, drawn-out set pieces, like the chase scenes such as the one through the Goblin Kingdom in the first movie, or that muddled mess at the end of the third movie. That's just Jackson being self-indulgent, cutting that crap would have brought the movies down to two, and some judicious editing might have brought the whole down to only one movie.

Comment Re:Nope. (Score 1) 129

You're standing by a button. If you press the button, a million puppies will be dropped into a blender. It would be very bad for you to press that button and you shouldn't do it. The consequences will be dire. For fuck's sake, you shouldn't ever press that button!

I walk up, and point a loaded gun at your face. "Push the button," I say. I say it very seriously, too.

If you don't push the button and kill a million puppies, I will kill you (whether the puppies will remain safe or not, you simply don't know). If you do push the button, a million puppies will die but you'll live.

You decide to push the button, even though for a long time you had thought "never push that button."

People learn what happened. Do they blame you or do they blame me? I think it doesn't matter if the puppies were yours to kill or the source yours to give. I had the gun so I was making the laws at that moment, and I said "do it."

Comment Re:Not very ethical (Score 1, Informative) 367

Actually, I don't ever buy AAA titles on release, and I never pay attention to early reviews. This problem has been known in the game industry for years, and has cost one reviewer his job, but 'gamers' are, curiously, relatively silent about it; some minor grumbling as on this thread is it. And yet for imagined faux-pas by women they bring out the torches and pitchforks.

In short, I was being sarcastic about GamerGate's professed motivation.

Comment Re:Humanity has fought for millions of years (Score 1) 135

So you would prefer a humanity where it is the norm to hack each other with swords to the point of serious injury and even death. Well I have news for you sunshine: there's a lot of people out there who are of a slightly less Hobbesian bent.

And modded +5 Insightful no less. By the same sort of Internet Tough Guys probably.

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