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Comment: One SF take on the issue: Niven's Known Space (Score 2) 585

by idontgno (#49798521) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

Earth has perfected organ transplant technology, so someone with access to transplants can live for centuries. The transplants are provided by disassembling criminals, because almost every crime is capital, and execution is by disassembly for transplant stock. Because every citizen considers himself or herself law-abiding, they believe they benefit from more transplant material... and would never become transplant material themselves. They think, "I'll never murder, or embezzle, or repeatedly violate traffic laws, so make 'em all capital crimes. Get rid of the undesirables, and a longer life for me."

Earth has a unified government and a world paramilitary police force: the ARM.

The ARM has three major duties: "mother hunts" (enforcing mandatory parenthood licensing, designed so that each normal adult is allowed to be the parent of two children only -- replacement rate reproduction only), suppressing dangerous technologies (in the hands of anyone but the ARM), and combating organlegging -- black market transplant providers who source their material by kidnapping and murder.

So, the presumption that you can't deny reproductive rights is just silly. You have reproductive rights, but if you're hunted down and killed for attempting to exercise them outside the constraints of a violently enforced law, what good are they?

Oddly, 22nd Century Earth of Niven's milieu isn't generally portrayed internally as a dystopia, because humanity has been conditioned into obedience and pacifism anyway. Most Earth citizens consider the status quo wonderful.


Mobile Spy Software Maker MSpy Hacked, Customer Data Leaked 79

Posted by samzenpus
from the have-some-information dept.
pdclarry writes: mSpy sells a software-as-a-service package that claims to allow you to spy on iPhones. It is used by ~2 million people to spy on their children, partners, Exes, etc. The information gleaned is stored on mSpy's servers. Brian Krebs reports that mSpy has been hacked and their entire database of several hundred GB of their customer's data has been posted on the Dark Web. The trove includes Apple IDs and passwords, as well as the complete contents of phones that have mSpy installed. So much for keeping your children safe.

Harry Shearer Walks Away From "The Simpsons," and $14 Million 214

Posted by timothy
from the folding-up-money dept.
Actor Harry Shearer, perhaps best known as the voice of several characters on The Simpsons, including that of Montgomery Burns, will be leaving the show's cast, according to CNN. Showrunner Al Jean said Shearer was "offered the same deal as the rest of the cast, but turned it down." ... Shearer is not just walking away from Springfield, but also a large sum of money. The actor was offered a guaranteed $14 million for two years of work, according to someone with direct knowledge of the matter. The proposed deal also allowed for him to do other projects if he wished." That last part, though, seems to be in dispute, and central to Shearer's decision to leave; Shearer tweeted that it's because he "wanted what we've always had: the freedom to do other work."

Comment: Trolling Douchebags (Score 5, Insightful) 211

by idontgno (#49688665) Attached to: FCC May Stop 911 Access For NSI Phones

The main reason for the proposed rule change are the problems caused by fraudulent 911 calls made through NSI phones.

This is why we can't have nice things.

I wonder if the FCC will start a crusade against fraudulent 911 calls made through anonymous VOIP services? Maybe all 911 services? 'Cuz they're clearly getting abused.

Whew! I'm glad we're rid of that dirty bathwater. Too bad about the baby, though.

Comment: Navy? Warships? (Score 5, Interesting) 101

by idontgno (#49674563) Attached to: New Magnesium-Alloy Foam From NYU's Nikhil Gupta Floats On Water

How flammable is this foamed magnesium alloy?

A warship full of foamed magnesium would go up like a flare. It even incorporates its own oxidizer in the foam, in the air spaces. Unless they're forming the voids with inert gas.

Unless they've paid some special attention to the flammability issue, a combat vessel made with this stuff would make the Forrestal look like a birthday candle.

Comment: Re:"an emotional buffer for consumers as well." (Score 1) 278

By all means offer them a choice, but at their expense.

And while we're at it, make sure the externalities of bottling are fully priced in. As a race, we already use and throw away too many plastic bottles.

And if you want to have some good troll-face fun, make sure you're just bottling toilet-to-tap water.

Comment: Re:Good thing too! (Score 2) 225

by idontgno (#49639805) Attached to: NFL Releases Deflategate Report

Non-trolls recognize that ineffective cheating is cheating nonetheless and fully punishable.

If there's any irony, it's that the Pats cheat so hard when, frankly, they don't have to. They really are that good. But then they cheapen their reputation by being dirty and underhanded.

It's a huge and deep-seated inferiority complex, masked with bravado, but completely unjustified.... they'd be every bit as successful if they chose to really be the nice guys.

I just don't get it.

Comment: Efficiency? (Score 1) 177

by idontgno (#49577933) Attached to: When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly

That's a concern of dictators and managers.

Free Software is free of those, too. If I'm doing what I'm doing because I want to do it, I don't give a metric ratfuck about your ideas of efficiency.

Thanks. I work in a bondage-and-domination efficiency-driven profit-based business culture for my meager pay. Don't try to "improve" my free time that way too.

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