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Comment Re:Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 2, Informative) 334 334

Uber has to do these checks anyway before they are allowed to take the drivers.
The "bad days" of unregulation were long before the digital age - we have better ways of checking these people now, including star ratings within the Uber app - if the driver doesn't have 5 stars, just reject them.
The goal shouldn't be so that taxi drivers can make a living, but rather that people can get from A to B how they want.
The fight here is about cronyism, protectionism and the scam of making taxi drivers pay $200,000 blood money to be able to drive in Quebec, Melbourne, etc. I have talked to taxi drivers in Melbourne who hope that they can sell their license when they retire so that they can retire.

Comment You, Sir, are a fool (Score 2) 1067 1067

You will have many horrible consequences.
You have no idea what your code will produce.
You will never know that your code actually works.
As you spend a VAST amount of time debugging weird stuff, you will eventually realize it would be better if the program crashed when the error happened.

Example from yesterday. A web-based graphing package had a field "Number of minor ticks per tick". I selected 0 and pressed ENTER. The webserver crashed with a division by zero error.
If that software had FOOLISHLY decided to replace a division by zero with 0, then it would have gone into an infinite loop drawing the graph when it calculated the
tickspacing to be zero...

Example from today. I was configuring a call to a SOAP service, which was receiving an error from the Server "Division by Zero". It turned out that the error was that I had an HTTP header with no value.
Division by Zero is an error TO BE IGNORED AT YOUR PERIL.
Yes, both pieces of software had sloppy coding, but they both crashed, which helped me continue.

Comment EPA?? (Score 1) 266 266

I thought EPA meant Environmental PROTECTION agency.
Who is advocating for the Environment.
Why aren't they saying that fracking is too dangerous because the risk of leakage over decades into groundwater is unknown?
We are fracking today because economics/tech is making fracking cheaper AT THE MOMENT.
What a foolish shot term monetary gain that future generations will curse us for.

Comment When my daughter wants to get into my iPhone... (Score 4, Interesting) 118 118

She just grabs it from the table and slowly creeps up behind me and pushes it gently onto my thumb, and then runs away with an unlocked phone when i notice it...
The value of a password is that it is locked away in MY BRAIN until I choose to use it. These are not passwords, and neither is the button on an iPhone.

Sometimes, too long is too long. - Joe Crowe