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Comment: When my daughter wants to get into my iPhone... (Score 4, Interesting) 118

by idji (#49532433) Attached to: Swallowing Your Password
She just grabs it from the table and slowly creeps up behind me and pushes it gently onto my thumb, and then runs away with an unlocked phone when i notice it...
The value of a password is that it is locked away in MY BRAIN until I choose to use it. These are not passwords, and neither is the button on an iPhone.

Comment: Re:What's the cost ? (Score 1) 58

by idji (#49532049) Attached to: NASA Teams Scientific Experts To Find Life On Exoplanets
lol. Are you suggesting the assumption that a gravity modeling software that would work the same for apples on Earth, rockets to Venus, the moons of Jupiter and rovers on Mars and the orbits of exoplanets is just so stupid beyond belief....
Isaac Newton and every physicist in history can only mock you.

You can be sure that there are climatologists working hard on universal software of climate change. The more examples of planets you have to test your software the better you understand the problem.

Comment: Re:What's the cost ? (Score 4, Insightful) 58

by idji (#49529191) Attached to: NASA Teams Scientific Experts To Find Life On Exoplanets
The study of many exoplanets will inform work here on climate. Planetary scientists have studied Mars, Venus and Jupiter's weather for many decades and you can be certain this has lead to many insights into Earth's climate.
For example if you write 3 computer programs to predict weather and one of them works also on Mars and Venus, then you know it has a better understanding of weather.
Just imagine when they find 100 Earthlike rocky planets orbiting at 1AU and discover what weather is like in such systems - that will massively inform earth climate This makes Jupiter a test case of climate change prediction software. If the software can explain what happened on Jupiter it can inform what is happening here.
or http://astrogeo.oxfordjournals... (cosmic rays affect climate)

Comment: "succumb to the gravitational pull"??? (Score 2, Insightful) 40

by idji (#49489227) Attached to: NASA's MESSENGER Mission To Crash Into Mercury In 2 Weeks
When will people stop talking about gravity is it it is in a struggle with object X and eventually it wins. People constantly talk about "Black Holes" sucking in, "inevitable"....
MESSENGER did NOT run out of fuel and SUCCUMB to the gravitation pull of Mercury. Mercury ran out of fuel and continued on it's gravitationally influenced trajectory which was chosen to crash it. they could have left it in an eternal orbit if they wanted too - and the journalist would probably say it "did not succumb" to gravity - which is equally nonsensical. Gravity did not some get the upper hand because this spacecraft ran out of fuel. That craft will always be influenced by Mercury's gravity, no matter how many fragments it smashes into, unless a fragment gets an upwards speed of more than 4.3km/s, in which case it will ESCAPE Mercury's gravity.

Comment: Pi (Score 1) 39

by idji (#49424097) Attached to: Getting Started Developing With OpenStreetMap Data
I was doing some development with OSM and was using my own formulae to convert from latitude/longitude to OSM tile coordinates. I spent days getting the wrong results until I realised the problem was pi. i had been using pi=3.1415926535. It turns out that that is not GOOD enough to zoom into house level. I added 5 extra 5 or so digits of PI and then all my tiles were correct to the house level. I was awed that for a simple, practical task i needed 15 digits of pi!

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