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Comment Re:The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 1) 346

hohum. You've just outed yourself as part of the status quo. stop with your self-congratulatory praise on how well you know it is impossible. put down your pen and put on your thinking cap and come up with a great new step into the future. You will be forgotton for your description of the status quo - you will be immortalized if you find an answer. Elon Musk is not interested in the status quo - he is interesting in solving the big problems and provoking others to solve the big problems You are part of the noise that gets in the way.
Maybe the answer is way simpler than you think. e.g. Massive solar furnaces producing aviation fuel for zero net carbon. or Aviation batteries made of Iron. Imagine a fuel made of pure iron (quick to load and not likely to explode) that burnt to Fe2O3 in a fuel cell which was just expelled nanoparticles of rust exhaust - it has 42 MJ/kg of energy.
What if there was an electric way to rocket to space in 7 minutes and then you needed ZERO fuel for the remainder of the 10 hour flight...

Comment Re:Can the autonomous vehicle pass a drivers test? (Score 1) 139

you mentioned "There was a problem near the exit". I am sure that was a human problem. If the cars were autonomous I am sure that the problem wouldn't have been there nor would there have been a flow problem.
This was a human fix for a human problem. And while human cops can interfere with normal driving behaviour, you can be sure that the drivers can still control their cars.

Comment bread and circuses (Score 1) 235

TV=they decide when & what I WATCH.
Internet=I decide when & what I DO.
Television as a concept is not even the slightest bit interesting to me. Let it die, or are the masses so dull, moronic ans stupid they are pleading with "Them" to drip-feed them the bread and circuses on "their" timetable and "their" content.

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