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Comment Re:hu-person-made surely? (Score 1) 63

man(manMann) is just like sound/sound (Gesund/Geräusch) or ear (Ohr/Ähre). You won't educate anyone. words change meaning over time, noone can halt it. And unfortunately taboos change languages too throwing good words out of the language coney/puss/beaver were are ruined by the same taboo. It won't end - thes taboos will destroy more and more words from the language......

Comment Re:Show Me Something Made with C Nanotubes! (Score 1) 99

The researchgate article has the following Most products using CNTs today incorporate CNT powders dispersed in polymer matrices or deposited as thin films; for commercialization of these products, it was essential to integrate CNT processing with existing manufacturing methods.

Comment Re:"with a 2048 bit RSA key" (Score 3, Informative) 79

From the article We protect our users’ passwords with a hashing scheme called ‘bcrypt’ and randomly salt each individual password. Bcrypt is non-reversible, so passwords cannot be “decrypted.” We do not store plaintext passwords anywhere..
No passwords were compromised.

Comment Re:Not really VR (Score 1) 58

that's ok. Myst was a great game in the 1990's where you couldn't move around in a 360 degree view. Today's games render from any location. In another 20 years we will have real time rendering from any location. What we have now with this movie is the personal VR experience of being on that ship flying across the desert.

Comment Re:The Science In a SciFi movie... (Score 1) 163

if I told you where the seeds and fertilizer came from then i would be spoiling the story - three times. But I will say that the story does describe adequately where the seeds came from, where the living soil came from and where the fertilizer came from. Hint: Andy Weir spent ages using his constant acceleration (2mm/s/s) orbital software to find a date in the future when the the 31 day mission would be on Mars during Thanksgiving day.....

Comment Re:It's not just about going to Mars (Score 1) 683

Yes, and you start crawling because you WANT TO RUN!! No baby wants to crawl, they want to be like their siblings and parents. Let's keep talking about Mars.
These are the same arguments of the 15th Century, but Da Gama, Columbus, Magellan and Cook were not deterred (two of whom were murdered mid-trip, but are still famous for what they achieved!). Their trips were years long with NO communication and NO map. I am inspired by them and not their detractors.

The trouble with a lot of self-made men is that they worship their creator.