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by idioto (#46673197) Attached to: Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis

I understand it, and that is what makes it boring. Most of the people who watch it do not understand baseball. I used to love baseball, but the more years pass, the less I like it. Like most people in the stadium can see whether a pitch is a ball or a strike, or a curveball or a fastball, you can't see it unless you have perfect seats. I will beat 9/10 baseball fans in baseball trivia, I will beat 9/10 baseball fans in a baseball video game, i will beat 9/10 of baseball fans in whiffleball (because 9/10 of baseball fans can't even track a baseball in mid-air). it's barely even a team sport, since using statistics to pick players seems to be all the rage rather than actually coaching. that's why they're called managers.

the only thing that baseball has going for it is that you never run out of time, you run out of outs. a high school team could beat a college team could beat a pro team cause for the most part baseball could be simulated with dice. that's all baseball is. dungeons and dragons

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I'm not sure what you are talking about aside from JD Salinger was a miser who was a lucky one trick pony. If you want to look to literature, try perusing the Picture of Dorian Grey. He did pick that as his new name. What happens in year 38, what age is the pseudonymous Satoshi? It's a set-up, they're all a bunch of phonies man.

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I'm building a site right now (actually the site's finished, on the surface) that if you enter the Konami code on the main page it loads up a Synchronet BBS in a flash or html terminal (I don't want people logging in right now or checking the site, so I'm keeping it quiet.) I think it will be pretty popular compared to the BBS's that are still out there because BBS's that have been up since the 80's/90's are like abandoned palaces waiting for their kings and queens to come back rather than try to find new royalty. Anyhow, if anyone wants to work on a BBS for fun, i've got work to do!

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If you're a bitcoin investor, which you may be, you might have trouble reading the news. Two separate things. The first was a warning, which hinted at the action. People who actually can listen to stuff outside of the bitcoin bubble reacted to the warning. And then the action took place. So now there's a reaction to that. And then there's people who, evidently, can not read the news, buying "cheap" bitcoins and slowing the fall.

Anyhow, if you need to get rid of your bitcoins, I will trade you some baseball cards. They're awesome, and they're not making any more of them, so they can only go up!

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I can play a few instruments and make my own music, as well as having played in a few bands, but over the years I've learned to accept that computers can help me out a bunch. I used to try to play everything and record it too, which was a lot of work and it made things a bear to change. These days, I just try to focus in on a thing at a time, rather than be engineer, instrumentalist, songwriter, etc. I hardly have been playing instruments much on recordings because I don't have the time to do it all and come up with the sounds I like. I will enter my chord progressions into band in a box, and find a style that I kind of like. Then I'll tweek the instruments. It's just a million times easier. So I take sequencing shortcuts as well. But it's just a matter of ease, I mean if I could find a real steel drum player and could mike them up and it wouldn't take a few hours more than clicking a button, I'd do that, but only if I really had a vision or it was going out commercially and I could justify the cost.

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I know you're being funny, but aside from the porn and the alien part, but I'm curious about the time traveler aspect.

  I've been wondering this wouldn't the most likely thing to be travel back in time be information itself, since we already can send bits at near light speed already? There must be someone on slashdot who can answer this.

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I've been reading this thread, and didn't want to get lost in the iPad debate, so I'm just posting fresh. As someone who's used both products, I'd say that I'm pretty over Apple stuff after over 25 years. But after making the switch from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S4, I'll tell you this, I lost something. And I found this out after my phone broke, but it applies to anything Apple really makes. They have Apple stores, and AppleCare etc, things that are designed to help make their products easier to use and are supported. An 18 year old clerk at the Apple store has more power than high level tech support people at most of these other companies making Android tablets. For me I notice the difference when something breaks, that I don't really have a place to go, and I'm not sure if I'm going to have to pay out of pocket and wait a long time to get my device back leaving me frustrated. For a senior, usually it's not something that's broken, but something they need to learn. Apple has classes at their stores for free and stuff. I'm not suggesting it from a purely device perspective, as I wouldn't want one under my Xmas tree, but I think from a support standpoint it's great for people who are making that first time plunge into technology.

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Yeah, I had my comment moderated as funny, which it is, but I'm serious about this guy if I had to pick someone I've met in my life it would be him (and I know a guy who has the Nobel Prize in Economics). But there are a few street people who are maybe so smart they get hay-wired.

This guy used to stand in alley with his eyes rolled up, between the bookstore and the music shop chanting "Help me gus! Save us gus!" I used to think he was saying God, not gus, but I asked him about it. I actually didn't know he could talk at all, but I worked at the music store, and he came in, and I thought I was going to have to call the police. Then he talked normally and spoke well, and I asked him about what he was doing. He clarified his chant, sort of, at least as far as what he was saying. He wanted to buy something for his recording studio, which was a tape 4 track and other stuff that was in his shopping cart, which he showed me. I was in high school then, and I dealt with him a few times, and I think he told me about his education because I complimented his intelligence (I don't normally do that, but relative to homeless people I knew, he was smart, just crazy) and maybe I just probed people better then. Anyhow, he told me about his thesis, which me talking about is almost like the tenacious D song where it's a tribute to the greatest song in the world. I didn't really have the capacity to understand it all then (I was in H.S. talking to a mad partial PHD) so I can't spit it out verbatim, but he had me convinced at the conclusion, even perhaps the state of his condition, by virtue of his passion and reasoning despite the general premise behind his hypothesis seemed flawed to me then, and it had driven him in to exile, and he chose to go to Palo Alto for whatever reason. I don't know if he knows how to program. Maybe he learned on the mean streets.