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Comment: No surprise (Score 1) 229

by ideaz (#40986949) Attached to: Creating a School Computer Lab With Ubuntu For $0

Honestly this comes as no surprise to me, I pursued my undergrad from a school in India which adopted to Linux (Fedora) in all its computer labs with an intention to 'increase awareness/skill levels' among Comp sci students and of course, to save 100% on the software licensing. And this was in the year 2005.


+ - LulzSec, Anonymous call for PayPal boycott->

Submitted by ideaz
ideaz writes: Hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous once again have PayPal in their sights, but this time they won’t be attacking the company’s servers.“We encourage anyone using PayPal to immediately close their accounts and consider an alternative,” the groups wrote. “The first step to being truly free is not putting one’s trust into a company that freezes accounts when it feels like, or when it is pressured by the U.S. government.”
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+ - Another tablet maker bites the dust->

Submitted by Nate the greatest
Nate the greatest writes: One of the many companies that showed up in 2010 to sell tablets seems to have died. Augen, maker of the Augen Gentouch78 (2010's worst Android tablet), is no longer answering emails. Its website has gone dark. And those 6 tablets that Augen was supposed to launch this spring are nowhere to be found. I doubt they will be missed. Augen released a horrible little Android netbook, a so-so Android tablet, and a marginal ebook reader.

Is this the inevitable result of selling junk, or was Augen the victim of a weak economy?

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