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Comment: Re:Comparison please (Score 1) 429

by idcard_1 (#35140552) Attached to: Motorola's XOOM Tablet To Cost $799; Wi-Fi Requires 3G Activation?
Excellent point on when... but that's a different argument since it will be released later this month per the leaked promo. I know the specs of the Xoom. I don't know the specs of the iPad2. Personally I don't think the planned Xoom is a good deal. It is too expensive (for me...) But this has to be Moto's first round competitor priced towards the flagship iPad2. That is the goal. If you want a low tier tablet sub-$500 go somewhere else for now or wait for a stripped down Xoom. I'm sure it will come later since EVERYONE is posting about the price. -All IMHO... I in no way have any product in sight.

Comment: Re:Don't forget Apple (Score 1) 321

by idcard_1 (#25437181) Attached to: iGoogle Users Irate About Portal's Changes
There are quite a few greasemonkey scripts out there that modify iGoogle. Just do a search for iGoogle on

Personally, I use "Super iGoogle - Mod"

I hate the way the search bar header and the tabs use up vital real estate, so this script gets rid of both with a toggle link called Toogle.

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