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Comment: Re: May want a disclaimer here... (Score 1) 304

by idbeholda (#48700673) Attached to: Putting a MacBook Pro In the Oven To Fix It
Again, eventually is the key word that needs to be analyzed. As much as I hate pointing out the obvious, you are aware that Mars (in its CURRENT) state contains open air temperatures and conditions inhospitable to human life. These very same wear-and-tear conditions, and no way to perform reliable, necessary maintenance are PRECISELY the reason why its breaking down as it is. If anything, had Apple used similar quality manufacturing standards in their own product, we probably wouldn't be reading this article involving throwing said laptop in the oven.

Misconstruing opinion as fact as some kind of counterargument does nothing to explain away what is clearly a flawed, subpar design.

Comment: The solution. (Score 1) 926

by idbeholda (#44672197) Attached to: What's Causing the Rise In Obesity? Everything.
Stop overeating, learn to drop the fork. I used to weigh nearly 300lbs. I currently weigh 170 at 5'11". Glandular problems resulting in the levels of obesity that we're seeing is exceedingly rare. It is a factor, but not a statistically significant one. The most crucial factor in obesity is overeating, and a complete lack of self control, period. If you're not physically active, realistically, you only need about 15-1700 calories per day, average. If you happen to engage in a lot of physically demanding sports, 20-2500, tops. As for animal obesity, corporate farms cage their animals, or coop them in environments where regular physical activity is severely hampered, pump them full of hormones, and overfeed them with cheap, quasinutritional filler food. Realistically, if you want to lose weight, east less grains, more fruits and vegetables, and avoid darker meats if possible. Sugary drinks aren't actually that bad, as sugar is never stored in the fat cells, and instead transcribed into the bloodstream (glucose reabsorption/reuptake).

Comment: Placing my bets. (Score 1) 343

by idbeholda (#44169567) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Replaces Don Mattrick As Xbox One Chief
Getting rid of the DRM was a good move on MS's part. Period. Consumers generally do not want DRM. The mindset is that once you've purchased something in-market, it's yours. End of discussion. The debacle was a learning experience, and if they aren't willing to listen to their customers, then the shareholders will stop listening with their wallets. It's amazing how money works, isn't it?

With MS pulling plugs on financially unviable products, like WindowsXP, they realize that there will always be diehard fans of a particular operating system or product. At this point in time, anyone with a torrent client and a burner can get a fully cracked copy of XP, no serials needed, bloatware stripped from the OS, hacked to shreds to maximize system performance and reduce system overhead. Microsoft doesn't even sell XP anymore. I still use XP, but I also have linux installed. If XP somehow shits itself, I can manually fix it through linux with a hex editor. Yeah, I'm that moron. The only reason I haven't switched to 7/8 is because neither of them have given me a really compelling reason to switch.

What's going to happen most likely, is that each division will be renamed in reflection of a particular market niche, and each new division will focus solely on the hardware of that product. With many of its services is the cloud, Windows 8+ will become the new unified environment for each platform. It won't matter which platform you use, you can still access all of your data from each different device.

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