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Comment: Re:Sounds like Amazon has read some books (Score 1) 764

by iconic999 (#34712400) Attached to: Amazon Censorship Expands
Got news for you: Amazon is exercising *their* right as a private company to sell what they want. Sounds like you want to take away *their* rights. Sorry, but you have no Constitutional right to force them to provide you with incest and homosexual rape "literature." If you don't like it, seek another solution.

Comment: Re:It isn't just a hobby (Score 3, Informative) 343

by iconic999 (#29065395) Attached to: Mixed Conclusions About Powerline Networking vs. Ham Radio
"If we're keeping HAM around for a few thousand (at most?) true hobbyists, using the excuse that it's a disaster tool" There are over 720,000 licensed hams in the USA, over a million in Japan. Ham radio is been a fertile bed for innovation. BoPL is a crappy technology.

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