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Comment Re:Silly article (Score 1) 597

DC motors are quite expensive once you go past a couple 100 watts, even below that they cost more than the AC equivalent and there isn't much efficiency gain worth mentioning. Don't think any heavy appliances are going DC any time soon, even Tesla cars have an AC inverter and motor in them. If you never use any corded power tools, never wash your own clothes, never hoover or use one of those silly robot things, never run any pumps, compressors, saws, kitchen appliances, industrial milling machines you can get away with using DC only. When you think about it though that is probably a lot of people although most in the USA will want air conditioning.

Comment Soon 'mere humans' won't be allowed to do anything (Score 2) 341

Except sit at home with their tablet / laptop which is all that most people including most politicians do these days. We'll be living in a curated idiot-proof society soon, where the overlords decide what pre-packaged entertainment you're going to soak up today. All the old adventurous hobbies like driving sport cars and other vehicles, hunting and even things like doing certain DIY work on your own house are slowly being regulated out of existence to protect people from themselves.

The thing is, governments see us only as tools to keep the economy going, the economy and creating jobs are far more important than getting people to extract enjoyment out of their lives so it is in their interest to keep us as dependent on the economy as possible and since in the West we don't manufacture much anymore it also means coaxing people to use as many services as possible

Comment A sad reflection on 'Western society' (Score 1) 31

We can't get enough of cheap imported crap from China while we are too lazy to make anything ourselves (or even get a robot or a 3D printer to make our stuff for us). We would rather busy ourself with high-level low-energy activities like

accounting (pushing money around between each other and eventually to China),
design (telling the Chinese how to make the stuff we want so they won't need us anymore soon),
bureaucracy (making rules that mean that the stuff we want can only be made in China unless we want to pay 20x the price to comply with all the little rules we made for ourselves that the Chinese don't have)

Meanwhile the quality of stuff keeps going downhill. Someone recently gave me a faulty Galaxy S5, I thought it was fake because of how badly it's put together. Designed 100% for the one-year upgrade cycle

Comment Re:The Secrecy Sucks (Score 1) 142

Time was when Ireland and a handfull of other countries did have to ratify some stuff by popular vote, but Ireland recently gave away that right. 2 or 3 times Ireland voted no on various steps towards the European superstate but the local politicians just re-ran the election when they didn't get the answer they wanted. See Nice Treaty, Lisbon Treaty

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