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Data Storage

+ - How do you file paper documents at home?

Submitted by swamp boy
swamp boy (151038) writes "How do you file paper documents at home? I'm mostly asking about things like monthly paper-based statements that get mailed to you (credit cards, gas cards, medical bills, health insurance explanation of benefits, electricity bill, natural gas bill, water bill, etc.). Do you push to have as many sent electronically as possible? Do you scan the paper documents to store electronically and then shred the paper document? How do you manage and organize the ones stored electronically? I've been doing this the old-fashioned way with manila file folders, but as time goes by I keep thinking that I should opt for digital storage. What works for you?"

Comment: science fair project (Score 1) 159

by icebones (#27229051) Attached to: Homebrew Microcontroller Laptop, Made of Wood
People need to realise this is more like the an adult getting to do their version of a science fair project like some of us did in HS. Writting a binary/hex/octal/decimal conversion program or connecting a mobile armatron to a PC are just some of my examples. it wasn't becuase we had to (well we didn't have to go to that level) or would make money, it was because it was something challenging and a way to get to work on things we normally never would have. I wish I had the time to work on things like this.

Comment: Re:I love the smell of burning bridges in the morn (Score 1) 703

by icebones (#26964235) Attached to: The Art of The Farewell Email
This sounds like something my boss told me about 5 years ago. Everyone knew the company was having problems and in one meeting when asked about raises, etc. she actually said "Well, Mcdonalds is hiring."

About a month later I gave notice to leave for a company that was paying about 20% more in another State. The first words out of her mouth were "Are you serious?"

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