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Comment Re:Self directed/managed teams are not new ... (Score 1) 327

I'll also add it's much more likely to work with younger people who have fewer concerns in their lives outside of their jobs, who don't need to use leave for ((embarrassing medical problem they don't want all their co-workers to know about)), or a divorce, or any of the other very personal things that may affect work performance someone can share with their supervisor with a reasonable degree of confidentiality that they really don't want to share with their team mates. Managing people is about a lot more than assigning tasks and completing projects.

Comment Re:Unfair (Score 1) 112

In addition to the parent's point, humans picking up the garbage provides a much better service than the robot trucks. I don't have to worry about fitting everything into the uniform sized plastic bin. I can pile whatever oddly shaped boxes, cans or large items by the road, and the humans can deal with them quickly and efficiently. I don't really care if it makes trash hauling slightly more expensive, it makes my job of taking out the trash much easier. I live in an area where humans pick up the trash, and basically whatever I can drag to the curb, they will throw in the truck. It would be such a pain in the ass to try to smash boxes or break up old furniture to fit inside the can. Let the hydraulic ram on the truck do that.

Comment Re:Classic FUD (Score 1) 373

How is that really any different than a car in the next lane swerving into you or a deer jumping into the road or some piece of trash flying off the truck in front? Malicious hacking seems like one of the lowest probability ways for you to crash at 70 MPH. Driving is somewhat risky...these exploits add a small amount to that risk, but overall keeping the electronic safety systems engaged is most likely a significantly reduced net risk.

Comment Small potatoes (Score 2) 466

Okay, sure so DC for gadgets and lighting that consume about 1% of household energy. When he has a realistic solution for replacing central heating, cooling, refrigeration, normal kitchen usage, well pumps, water heating and other meaningful uses of electricity then it might be worth listening to.

Comment Re:Autism and future employment trends (Score 4, Insightful) 36

I'm guessing the last places for employment for those who don't want to act like salesmen are going to be in scientific research...unfortunately that's a field that many IT or dev people wouldn't be able to deal with.

Sadly, I think that scientific research is more sales than science already. If you can't schmooze, politic and author grants at a world-class level, your research will never get funded in the first place.

Comment Re:Autistic-friendly business environment (Score 4, Interesting) 36

Agreed for a technician-, basic coder or clerical-level position, but at the developer, engineer or similar professional-level position it is a reasonable expectation for the employee to work on tasks that can't be clearly defined in advanced, that don't have checklists (creating one may be a deliverable of the professional), and surprise or firefighting type situations that the techs and clericals can't resolve with the pre-existing check lists. Granted it is possible to reduce surprises with basic workplace stuff like meeting agendas and advance notice of policies, but one the flip side dealing with urgent, unplanned issues is an important part of most jobs.

It's a difficult road to navigate. I'll add a suggestion from the other side, as someone who has managed people with this style of accommodations due to ASD-type conditions. Be as open and willing to collaborate with your supervisor as possible; help educate them. If you only work through an HR person to specify your ADA or other workplace accommodations, there is an extremely limited amount of information they can legally share with your supervisor. Of course it is your legal right to keep these things private if you choose, but it makes it much harder for your supervisor to meet your needs and to foster a productive work environment for you. It does require some trust, but the outcome can be much better. I've had it go both ways.

Comment Re:Mystery (Score 5, Informative) 159

The question of whether acupuncture (in any of its hundred or thousands of forms) is more effective than control (a.k.a. "placebo effect") has been answered conclusively -- it is not. Acupuncture is indistinguishable from sham acupuncture in numerous, well controlled studies. It is the theatre, not the treatment that has any effect; and those effects are only measurable in the short-term against subjective outcomes. In other words, it's risky (infection, organ/vessel piercing), has no more benefit than just talking to someone or sitting quietly for a half hour, and does not improve health in any known objective measure.

The placebo effect "works" for a very narrow definition of "works", which is far less than what practitioners of these worthless treatments claim.

Comment Re:Mystery (Score 1) 159

Not really, because unlike real medicine, chiropractic has no standard of care from which one can expect or anticipate a particular outcome nor judge the performance of the practitioner. Anything that goes right or wrong in the course of "treatment" can be handwaved away with nonsense explanations about misalignments, energies, chi or whatever other subjective crap absolves the chiropractor of any responsibility to reality, while simultaneously allowing him to sell snake oil vitamins and smoothie mixes and to schedule "tune up" and "adjustment" appointments for as long as the patient still has money in his wallet and faith in the charlatanism.

Comment Is this really something new? (Score 5, Interesting) 368

Firefighters already have the ability to damage private property when it is necessary to contain an emergency situation. I can't imagine this law adds additional powers, but perhaps clarifies that existing standards still apply to a new technology that didn't exist at the time. Perhaps also a reasonable public awareness / scare campaign to remind people to keep their drones away from disaster areas where they are interfering with life safety.

Comment Re:Analog for the win. Again. (Score 1) 97

The OP is referring to an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI), which are now widely mandated in residential buildings by electrical codes in the US. The breaker has an embedded signal processing circuit which analyzes the power waveform and cuts power when patterns that look like excessive arcing caused by a faulty device, damaged cable or frayed cord are observed.

Comment Anti-SLAPP (Score 0) 210

This is clearly a case for application of anti-SLAPP laws. My understanding is that California already has pretty good options in this area, but many other states and the federal system do not. A good anti-SLAPP law allow the defendants in these cases to request dismissal of the case prior to the very expensive discovery phase AND allow for recovery of legal fees.

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