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Comment: Re:So a death of a child is ok with you? And the o (Score 3) 255

by ibpooks (#46950879) Attached to: Melbourne Uber Drivers Slapped With $1700 Fines; Service Shuts Down

Except that the driver has almost certainly voided their "residential grade" insurance policy by driving passengers commercially; meaning that they are essentially operating a vehicle uninsured. The state should step in to put a stop to this practice.

Comment: Re:Bipartisan support (Score 1) 548

by ibpooks (#38014034) Attached to: Bipartisan Internet Sales Tax Bill Introduced

There are two within 3 miles of my house. One the foundation finally gave out in a heavy rain storm and will not even be considered for repair until 2014 according to the road commission. The other bridge is significantly damaged with traffic now reduced to one lane and limits on truck weight and [i]may[/i] be repaired next year.

Comment: Re:I can kind of understand (Score 4, Insightful) 581

by ibpooks (#36242172) Attached to: Doctors To Patients: First, Do No Yelp Harm

The difference though is that, unlike other businesses, doctors are legally forbidden from disputing bad reviews. HIPPA (U.S. patient privacy law) doesn't even allow doctors to acknowledge that a particular person was in fact a patient, let alone specifically addressing the elements of his complaint. This creates an unfair situation whereby patients (or even fake patients) can say whatever they want about the doctor and he cannot legally confirm or deny any of the allegations against him without acknowledging the person was a patient.

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by ibpooks (#35800650) Attached to: Senator Wants to Tax Internet Shopping

There is a good reason not to tax out-of-state business, and that is that the state is not spending any money to support that business. It's not using the roads, school system, power grid, police or fire protection, unemployment insurance, or any other state service. The only inputs and outputs they have in the state are already taxed. For example I pay taxes on my phone, DSL, or cable line used to contact Amazon, as does my ISP on all of their local PoPs, and UPS and FedEx pay registration tax, sales tax, gas tax and property tax on their delivery vehicle fleet and warehouses. Amazon is using no resources in my state, so it is nothing other than a cash-grab to suggest that purchases there should be subject to sales tax.

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by ibpooks (#35761476) Attached to: 30 Years To Clean Up Fukushima Dai-Ichi

Yes you can do so easily. Ever heard of a water softener? They have a rack full of them at the Home Depot down the street. Every nuclear plant, including Fukushima Dai-Ichi, has a water processing plant specifically for this purpose; however the plant is offline from quake damage and power outages so water must be stored instead of processed. Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis and Distillation are all effective and widely-used techniques for removing contaminants from water, including radionuclides.

Comment: Re:the fishermen just don't "get it" (Score 1) 322

by ibpooks (#35734858) Attached to: Fukushima Radiation Levels High, But Leak Plugged

I don't even know if a technology exists to remove radiation from water, I'm assuming it either doesn't exist or is too slow to be practical otherwise they wouldn't be using storage ponds in the first place.

The technology does exist to remove the radioactive particles from the water, but the water treatment plant at Fukushima is offline as a result of the damage and lack of electricity. The only option at this point is to store as much contaminated water as possible until the treatment plant can be reactivated. Furthermore, if the primary contaminant is Iodine-131, they simply need to quarantine the water long enough for the Iodine to decay at which point the water can be safely discharged into the sea without risk to humans or wildlife.

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