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Comment: Re:This is one of those things... (Score 5, Informative) 166

by ianbean (#39142627) Attached to: Brain Scan Can Detect Autism In Infants
1) The original research article is open access so you can take a look for yourself. The differences were statistically significant between the two groups (ASD-positive versus -negative) but there isn't enough data to estimate a sensitivity or specificity for using this as a test. 2) It could be a diagnostic test. In theory that would allow potential treatments to begin before the behavioral aspects of ASD manifest (which is around 2yo correct?)

Comment: Re:Unfortunately... (Score 1) 193

by ianbean (#26421209) Attached to: Implant Raises Cellular Army To Attack Cancer

When we see data indicating these mice have a 5-year survival which is greater than the control (uh... or whatever the equivalent is since even healthy mice maybe don't live 5 years) then I too will be celebrating.

Since the maximum lifespan of a lab mouse is about three years, and the record is 5, you're maybe asking a bit much.

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