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Comment: Re:and so meanwhile... (Score 3, Informative) 245

by ianare (#44922045) Attached to: Will Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Stay With MySQL?

I like Postgres in some ways, but it has some significant deviations from standard SQL syntax, and other idiosyncracies.

Strange you would mention that, one of the reasons I've switched to PostgreSQL (and never looked back) is because it more closesly follows the SQL standard and has many less "gotchas" and bugs than MySQL (boolean is actually an int field, reset counter on increment, etc).

When people complain about Postgres' "non-standard SQL", this usually comes from those that have only used MySQL and think it's the standard.

About the only technical advantage MySQL has over Postgres is an easier setup, and generally better performance out of the box (before any tuning).

+ - Kubuntu announces commercial support->

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Kubuntu is one of those few GNULinux based distributions which brings the two leading technologies together – Ubuntu and KDE. There are quite a lot of businesses which are using this combination in their set-up. Till now there was no professional support available for Kubuntu users. To fill this gap the Kubuntu community has launched commercial support for businesses, organizations and individuals.

The Kubuntu team is partnering with Emerge Open to offer this service which is called 'Kubuntu Commercial Support provided by Emerge Open'."

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Comment: Re:Intelligence (Score 2) 110

by ianare (#44737309) Attached to: Egyptian Authorities Detain French "Spy" Bird Found With Tracker

The French revolution is probably the worst example for arguing violent overthrow of the governement. It goes something like this:

1. Overthrow the government, kill the royal family.
2. Kill a bunch of aristocrats, a bunch of priests, desecrate tombs
3. Kill a bunch of people that don't agree with all the killing
4. Put a Corsican in charge, eventually becoming an Emperor
5. More killing, war all over Europe
6. A couple heirs to the Emperor here and there
7. Put the kings back in place from time to time

... All in all, it took over 80 years for a real, permanent republic to be put in place (3rd time's the charm it seems), and THAT was mainly after the military defeat of the 1870's.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Trees for Carbon Sequestration?->

Submitted by nbritton
nbritton (823086) writes "I'm sure most know that sequoia trees can live for over three thousand years, but they can also store upwards of 2000 tons of carbon within their wood. Furthermore dead sequoias can take hundreds of years to decompose. If the wood was harvested, dry lumber could potentially last for thousands of years. Quite literally if you had an excess of lumber you could store it in a warehouse for another 3000 years. This would give us some breathing room to develop the tech we need to manage carbon. Apparently these things pump out oxygen too:

CO2(g) + Photosynthesis -> C(s) + O2(g)

The question simple, why don't we use trees for carbon capture and sequestration?"

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Comment: Not unexpected (Score 3, Insightful) 110

by ianare (#44737269) Attached to: Egyptian Authorities Detain French "Spy" Bird Found With Tracker

When you hear about the Western spying programs (US, UK, France, etc) all over the news, when a country is undergoing huge changes, and when said western powers have been meddling in the region for decades, it's not completly unexpected for this sort of thing to happen.

I just feel bad for the poor stork that is still locked up.

+ - New Evidence Supporting a Martian Origin of Life->

Submitted by ianare
ianare (1132971) writes "New research supports an idea that the Red Planet was a better place to kick-start biology billions of years ago than the early Earth was. Scientists believe that when life first appeared on Earth our planet was completely submerged in water and very low in dioxygen.
A theory outlined by Prof Steven Benner concludes life couldn't have originated under these conditions because borate and molybdate, two crucial catalysts to the formation of RNA, would have been extremely rare.
Borate minerals help simple organic molecules form carbohydrate rings, and molybdenum then rearranges these rings to form ribose, a crucial building block of RNA. "What’s quite clear is that boron, as an element, is quite scarce in Earth’s crust," Prof Benner says, “but Mars has been drier than Earth and more oxidising, so if Earth is not suitable for the chemistry, Mars might be."
An extremophile bacteria surviving the trip to Earth inside a meteorite isn't as far-fetched as it may seem. "We spend much time on 'planetary protection' so that a launch to Mars does not carry Earth bacteria to forward contaminate Mars, but we find that many bacteria (like radiodurans) can survive the trip, especially if tucked inside of the craft (or, by analogy, within the meteorite)"."

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+ - Anonymized data really isn't ..->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission had a bright idea back in the mid-1990s—it decided to release "anonymized" data on state employees that showed every single hospital visit ..

Boom! But it was only an early mile marker in Sweeney's career; in 2000, she showed that 87 percent of all Americans could be uniquely identified using only three bits of information: ZIP code, birthdate, and sex."

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Comment: Re:So just wondering... (Score 1, Interesting) 137

by ianare (#44714365) Attached to: Huge Canyon Discovered Under Greenland Ice

You are describing glacial retreat caused by global warming, which is not the same thing. As temperatures rise, the ice melts and retreats higher in elevation where it is colder. Also as a result of the warming effect, plants are able to take up residence in land formerly occupied by the ice sheet. In areas with permafrost, some of it will melt, leading to sinking and fractures in infrastructure. Climate change can happen very quickly, as we are seeing.

An example of glacial rebound would be a fishing village in medieval times now being far from the coast, even though sea levels have risen since. Or of a sound being locked by rising land and turned into a lake. Rebound typically is not measurable within the frame of a single lifespan, more like hundreds to thousands of years. We are still experiencing effects from the melting of the last ice age.

Comment: Re:what happens if the chick get pregnant? (Score 1) 240

by ianare (#44540515) Attached to: One-Way Ticket: Mars One Project Applicants Top 100,000

There is a major difference though: the Internet's population has increased by connecting the rest of humanity to it, not only by the children of the early Internet.

A better model would be communes, where people join on the basis of religion, philosphy or purpose. In many cases the children born in these communes stay and continue the exmple set forth by their parents.

Comment: Re:Another "magic" storage tech. BS, as usual. (Score 1) 231

by ianare (#44248805) Attached to: Data Storage That Could Outlast the Human Race

You must have missed the last sentence of the article:

"The team are now looking for industry partners to commercialise this ground-breaking new technology."

So they are thinking about finishing the product, and making it accessible outside the research field. I can see a company like IBM showing interest in this.

Comment: Re:American News Outlets... (Score 1) 418

by ianare (#43891377) Attached to: Turkish PM: "To Me, Social Media Is the Worst Menace To Society."

I seriously doubt Turkey will be made into a bad guy. They're a NATO member and the only muslim majority country in the region with a healthy economy and political stability. They are also a needed conter-weight to Iran and are crucial in resolving the civil war in Syria. Never mind that Erdogan was democratically elected.

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