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Comment Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 5, Insightful) 430

I firmly believe that when job-hunting, you should know how much you'll be making when you apply. I've been through a number of interviews for what seemed to be great positions, only to have to turn them down after being offered the job because they weren't paying a decent wage for the job at hand.

Making public how much everyone is making goes a long way to keeping job-seekers aware of how much they are worth. Hiding salaries only helps companies, who can then keep low-balling people.

Back when I was in the Army, we all knew exactly how much everyone else made in base pay, from E1 to O9. That at least gave incentive to work up the chain from the bottom.

Comment I don't understand.. (Score 3, Insightful) 221

.. why we would want to use microwaves for this. Fiber is shielded, and capable of higher throughput. While I can understand using microwaves to communicate with satellites, I don't see why we would use them for communications between two population centers.

This might just be my dislike of wireless in general, but I don't see how this could solve latency issues...

Comment So? (Score 4, Interesting) 162

Most folks who need the throughput of a PCI-E SSD won't use it for just gaming. These same users are likely power users. Everything from running test VMs locally to Video / Audio editing would see a huge improvement from this tech.

Loading apps? games? That's nice and all, but those are far from the only use cases of fast storage media.

Personally, the new PCI-E SSDs have gotten a good amount of use from me as ZFS cache drives, where they've been wonderful for saturating 10gbps Ethernet.

Comment Re:Benchmarks for that AMD chip look bad... (Score 1) 180

But if the NICs are decent ones, and are able to offload most traffic, I'd love to use this for Untangle / PFSense / VMs and such.
cpubenchmark shows this as being roughly 30% more powerful than the Intel D525's that I've been using for said task.

Might even use it for XBMC / PLEX Home Theater.

Comment Seems risky. (Score 2, Insightful) 142

The USS Cole was in the middle of a harbor being refueled when it was attacked. Would putting the rest of the harbor at risk of autonomous craft justify a small bit of extra security? How many times have the US Ships put into port / refueled without getting hit? Just seems that it would be a way to spend a ton of money for something that overly complicates normal procedures, and only wards off that 1% of attacks. (Note, percentage pulled out of my rear)

Also.... any autonomous craft would surely need a remote control system. You can't stop the signal (Mal). It wouldn't be impossible for another country / faction to take control of said boats, and use them to accomplish their goal.

Basically, seems like a large amount of money for a system that would cause more problems than it would solve.

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