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Comment Re:Uninstall would be nice (Score 1) 80

Nah, I want an official, supported by the OS maker, method for uninstalling any app. Rooting is using an exploit to bypass the system security and that, obviously, is something Google will try to make disappear. In addition, also by its very nature, a different method may be required by each model/ROM version.

Comment Re:Already running a $50 phone. (Score 1) 141

I hear Windows Phone is indeed a nice OS. That's great, more competition to the mobile OS landscape and all that. My only problem with it is that Microsoft has been trying to unify mobile and desktop in one OS since Windows 8 and that's lead to a horrible, IMO, desktop Windows.
Call me silly, but I can't willingly use Windows Phone. I'm that pissed off at MS.

Comment Re:Disabling telemetry only works for 10 Enterpris (Score 1) 316

It's a disaster for us users. Whether is a disaster for Microsoft remains to be seen. The fact that it's a free "upgrade" has already won many people over. Most regular joes seem not to care much about the UI or the spying and I'm thus not very optimistic about it failing and forcing Microsoft to backtrack.

Comment Re:This is starting to get annoying (Score 1) 316

It's been this way since 8. They knew, by internal tests, that people hated the UI yet they pressed on. Windows is now built with only the needs of Microsoft in mind (user information gathering, pushing of Microsoft services) and disregarding user needs of wants.

Comment Re:Windows 8 is suddenly looking good .. (Score 1) 316

If you're referring to the policy that was going to require that the Xbox One connected to the Internet once in a while even for offline games I don't think this is comparable.
There was a massive, instant, outcry when the policy was announced and gamers started to claim that they would buy the PS4 instead. In this case, we a few nerds may be aware and dislike the horrible privacy implications of Windows 10 but the general public is oblivious about it and also there's no direct substitute for Windows. Yes, we're in the time of history in which native apps have lost some importance, and many people would be happy with a Chromebook, but many people still needs programs that only run in Windows and can't really go to any alternative.

Comment Re:Big news - learned from mistakes! (Score 1) 193

It's sad you're an AC and you'll get no notification of my reply ... because I wholeheartedly agree with you. I hate hate hate that the default apps for many thing are now metro touch-focused crap. Their interfaces aren't suited at all to desktop use.
Why do you hate desktop users so much MS?

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