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+ - GarageGames announces the open source release of Torque 2D 2.0 on Git->

Submitted by iamnothing
iamnothing writes: From the GarageGames press release:

Continuing our history of support for the independent game developer, GarageGames is proud to announce the open source release of Torque 2D MIT 2.0. This, coupled with the previous open source release of Torque 3D MIT, continues our quest to build a foundation for a sustainable game engine development model that fosters collaboration and community engagement.

Why are we doing this? GarageGames dedicates itself to making the best core version of Torque 2D so that others, such as professional and independent developers, can build upon a reliable foundation. GarageGames continues to be an enabler of innovation and the community-driven game development movement and we embrace developer’s goal of publishing to mobile, tablet and social platforms.

This release also falls in line with our goals to continue to grow our service business, the release of Torque 2D as open source will only help to evolve what is already proving to be quite successful. With both Torque 3D and Torque 2D being offered to the public as open source, we will reach a much larger audience for potential service support of their projects and tech related initiatives. You can visit our services site at We are very well prepared and staffed to provide support, training, and custom development.

The engine will be released to Github under the MIT free software license offering Torque 2D 2.0's complete source code and many starting templates. GarageGames' Melv May and Michael Perry will lead Torque 2D's development and oversee future updates along with a community represented steering committee. Details of the launch and engine features can be found here.
About GarageGames, LLC:

Based in the Summerlin community of Las Vegas, Nevada, GarageGames is an independent developer and tech services provider who recently released the open-source Torque 3D MIT and now Torque 2D MIT. These products enable independent developers, beginners and hobbyists to create games for platforms, including iOS, PC and Mac. For more information, visit
For more information, contact

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Comment: Re:I already donated a few years ago... (Score 1) 71

by iamnothing (#42360831) Attached to: GarageGames Starts IndieGoGo Campaign To Port Torque 3D To Linux

Actually, that post is about managing expectations, which leads to discussing how things happened. The post was about transparency. It was actually about delivery and letting people know what they weren't getting, which is hard in any business. And it's something that you have to mitigate with any commercial release.

We don't have to do that now since Torque 3D is open source. We can be transparent in ways that we never could before.

This campaign is about accelerating Linux development by hiring a dedicated team to get it there. And everything they do will be available to everyone on GitHub under the MIT license.

You can call anyone who wants to develop games on Linux natively dumbasses all you like. It's the internet. But there are already people working on the port, and people who would love to get paid to work on the port full time. We're hoping to pay those "dumbass" Linux supporters for their engineering skillset. Because engineers need to make a living.

If the campaign doesn't make it's projected money, then someday it will still be on Linux from the great teams who are working on it in their spare time. All we want to do is pay them to get it there faster.

Comment: Re:Why IndieGoGo (Score 1) 71

by iamnothing (#42353281) Attached to: GarageGames Starts IndieGoGo Campaign To Port Torque 3D To Linux

One of the key reasons was that IndieGoGo has better international support, and some of the best teams who are using Torque and looking to target Linux are from countries not supported on Kickstarter.

We're starting with 32b Ubuntu since that's the common dev target that most engine and game developers target first. We need a solid base target to start from and we can branch out from there.


+ - GarageGames Starts IndieGoGo Campaign to Port Torque 3D to Linux->

Submitted by
iamnothing writes: "GarageGames is heading to IndieGoGo to port Torque 3D to Linux! The campaign is centered around hiring a dedicated developer or team to port Torque 3D to Linux. The primary target is Ubuntu 32bit with other flavors of Linux as stretch goals. All work will be done in the public eye under our Github repository under the MIT license.

Check out the campaign!"

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+ - GarageGames Announces Torque 2D MIT->

Submitted by
iamnothing writes: "GarageGames announces that they will be merging their 2D iOS/PC/Mac game development tools into a singular product named Torque 2D MIT. And as you can probably guess from the title, it will be available via the MIT license on GitHub.

This move follows their 3D product, Torque 3D, that was made available via the MIT license in September. There are several efforts in progress aiming to bring Torque 3D to Linux."

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Comment: Re:That would change gaming... (Score 1) 54

by iamnothing (#41306019) Attached to: Torque 3D To Be Released On Github Under the MIT License

Same, it's not even the abysmal quality of their products, it's that they lie repeatedly. Each time Eric Preiz says something you can be sure it's probably a lie, the bit about it being the best open source game engine being the likely candidate for the lie portion of his latest quote.

Interesting. It seems like you've never actually met or listened to Eric. I'd be interested to know what lies you think he has told.

I'm used to seeing the usual Torque vs. Unity/UDK/CryEngine hate on forums (like much of what is in this thread), but I usually don't see people troll on Eric much.

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