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Comment: Re:As wasted as that idiotic Irish luddite (Score 0) 335

by iamnotasmurf (#45963433) Attached to: Irish Politician Calls For Crackdown On Open Source Internet Browsers

... and the fact that that idiotic Irish luddite can be elected as a politician says a lot about those who voted for him !!

Yeah sure the guy may be a luddite and yeah sure he may not understand what he is taking about (maybe being the operative word) but if this gives him more exposure in the public eye as being "tough on crime" or whatever, then his populous move has worked. There is nothing idiotic about that, in fact its a sign of intelligence.

Comment: Re:how to really fix it (Score 0) 1009

by iamnotasmurf (#45947175) Attached to: Windows 9 Already? Apparently, Yes.

This. Windows 8 was driven by powerpoint market analysts, not people who want to do work on computers.

Two things here.

1st - In order to be a powerpoint market analyst, you would want to do your work on a computer as opposed to, say, a cave wall (shocked me too!)

2nd - Please tell me your source regarding the driving force of Windows 8. Just because you may not like it, doesn't mean you speak for everyone who does work on a computer.

I do work on a windows computer and if I frequently use a program I will not access it from the start menu as unnecessary effort defeats the purpose of using a computer. I will pin it to the task bar or create a short cut on the desktop. problem solved.

The problem with windows 8 is not metro, its the same problem that has existed for every new version of windows - things either move or disappear. Metro could have been implemented better, but its a step in the right direction. I really hope they Iron out the creases in Windows 9, if they don't, well...

Comment: Re:Another Possibility (Score 0) 287

"Do whatever the prosecutor says. No one cares and your case doesn't matter. You have plenty of time to do community service and nothing better to do. Now pay me $1000 because I just gave you expert legal advice."

Yeah that could happen, but getting legal advise doesn't mean you have to do anything; you could decide not to report it and save yourself the hassle of being screwed over by the legal system. Also you don't necessarily have to pay for legal advice; you could always approach an organisation that specialises in this area of law who will advise you for free, as opposed to going to some law shark who doesn't give a shit about your case and just wants to bill you for their time.

Comment: Another Possibility (Score 0) 287

Find a person who practices law or even better an organisation that specialises in law relating to computers and the internet and get their opinion on what to do. If your going to be doing something with legitimate intentions that could be considered as illegal in the eyes of some people, then you better play the game and get legal advice before doing so. Just like when the guitarist of The Who Pete Townshend decided to investigate child pornography, he got legal advise before doing so (He was still arrested for accessing a child pornography site, but in the end he was only given a caution) Just my 2 cents...

Comment: Re:my hygenist advocates a gentle circular motion (Score 0) 102

by iamnotasmurf (#45915723) Attached to: Smart Toothbrush Aims For Better Brushing Habits

& the same for brushing our teeth. 'up & down' is for who knows when? free the innocent stem cells. never a better time to consider ourselves in relation tomomkind our spiritual centerpeace link with creation which is rumoured to be unbearded


A dentist I once visited said basically the same thing; a gentle circular motion. Why is the summary saying up and down? (maybe its says that in TFA? who knows!)

I can appreciate the idea of an app that monitors your sleeping pattern, but one that aims to improve brushing ones teeth I think is ridiculous.

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by iamnotasmurf (#45892445) Attached to: Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing

EVEN BETTER: imagine if every last douchebag Facebook cunt like you fucked off and stayed in your own trendy little Facebook cesspool, wanking to each other's day to day minutia, keeping the marketers happy and fat, and fucking left Slashdot alone.

At least he isn't posting as AC, you coward. BTW Slashdot is owned by dice holdings, a provider of job advertisement websites, so your attempt at sounding alternative hasn't worked.

Just kidding AC, please feel free to join in anytime you like!

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by iamnotasmurf (#45830049) Attached to: 4 Tips For Your New Laptop
Let me extend 3 with - (3.1) NEVER EVER CONNECT TO YOUR WORK NETWORK FROM YOUR PERSONAL INTERNET CONNECTION (3.2) NEVER EVER USE A PASSWORD IN WORK THAT IS USED FOR SOME ASPECT OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. As regards to (4) Windows 7 (not sure about others and I certainly won't say otherwise) has a handy option that if you delete a file you can restore it to an older version despite specifically remembering that I did not turn on windows backup. The IT guy in work who i'm referring to in points 3.1 and 3.2 said that they developed that option...what a wanker HAPPY NEW YEAR!

+ - USB flash drives used in robbery of ATMs->

Submitted by JeffOwl
JeffOwl (2858633) writes "BBC is reporting that thieves are infecting ATMs with malware using USB sticks. The malware creates a backdoor that can be accessed at the front panel. The thieves are damaging the ATM to access a USB port then patching it back up to avoid notice. This indicates that the crew is highly familiar with the ATMs in question. Once the ATM is infected, the thieves use a 12 digit code to bring up the alternate interface. The thieves, not wanting their crew to go rogue, have built a challenge-response access control into their software and must call another member who can generate the response for them. Maybe they believe in the saying "no honor among thieves.""
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+ - Windows ATMs hacked with malware->

Submitted by isorox
isorox (205688) writes "The BBC reports that ATMs across Europe have been attacked with USB sticks. By merely cutting a hole in the front of the machine, the software was able to be loaded onto the machine. Obviously the thieves were able to take their specialist knowledge of the windows-based ATMs to develop a difficult-to-detect program, but one wonders how sensible having unlocked USB ports on cash machines actually is, let alone the ability to run unsigned code.

ATMs aren't the only hacking story the BBC has covered today, as they also reported that was taken over on Christmas Day."

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