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Comment: Use GeoRect to Georeference Your Scans (Score 1) 235

by iammrjvo (#31436390) Attached to: Digitizing and Geocoding Old Maps?
There is a program that comes with FalconView called GeoRect. You open an image in the program then set the geographic positions of a few known points. From that, GeoRect can georectify the entire image so that you can display it in FalconView or other GIS tools. Search for GeoRect at http://www.falconview.org/

+ - Department of Defense Releases FalconView as FOSS->

Submitted by
iammrjvo writes "As part of a high-level effort to promote software quality, the US Department of Defense has paid Georgia Tech to release an open source version of the FalconView mission planning software. FalconView has been used by the military for years for military flight planning, for intelligence analysis by ground forces, to fly the Predator drones, and for other military mapping needs. Now "Uncle Same wants You" to help them to make their software better. There has been prior mention of military open source efforts on Slashdot. It seems that the time has actually come. You can even download a windows binary and plan your next mission."
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